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Type 091 Han Class


Displacement4,100 -4,500tons (surfaced)
4,500-5,500 (dived)
Length321.5ft ; 347.8ft (403 onwards)
[some sources claim:
90 meters / 295 feet
98 meters / 322 feet [404, 405] ]
Beam32.8 ft [some sources claim: 9 meters / 29.5 feet]
Draft24.2 ft
Speed25 kts (dived); 12kts (surfaced)
PropulsionNuclear turbo electric 1 pressurized-water reactor 90MW 1 SHAFT, 12,000 shp
SSM(403 onwards) Ying Ji (Eagle Strike) (C-801) inertial cruise active radar homing to 22 nm at 0.9 Mach
Torpedoes6 - 21in (533 mm) bow tubes 18 weapons combination of SET-65E active/passive homing to 8.1 nm at 39kts and Type 53-51 pattern running to 5 nm at 39 kts or 2 nm at 51 kts
Mines36 in lieu of torpedoes
ESMtype 921-A radar warning
RadarsSnoop Tray I-Band Surface Search
SonarsTrout Cheek hull mounted active/passive search and attack DUUX-5 passive ranging and intercept

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