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Type 86 122mm Towed Howitzer

The Type 86 122 mm howitzer is a based on the Soviet D-30 122mm howitzer. Soviet-made D-30 was in service in the 1960s, reported Chinese production of the model artillery had been exported to Pakistan and Tanzania and other countries. China, according to the needs of modern warfare, in 1985 successfully developed divisional howitzer, a lot of equipment to replace old-fashioned Type 54 and 54-1 or 122 mm howitzer.

Type 86 122 mm howitzer barrel is longer, with a total weight 3.2 tons, speed 6 to 8 rounds per minute, with a 360 field of fire, use anti-personnel grenades, HEAT, extended range bombs, smoke bombs , flares and anti-armor cluster bombs and other munitions, the use of the general range of 18 km shells, use the bottom concave extended-range missile range of up to 21 km. Type 86 anti-armor cluster bombs used in interior 30 bullets, armor thickness of 500 mm, a maximum range of 15 kilometers. Compared with other similar howitzers, the W86 is compact, convenient, long range, high precision, simple process, low cost, especially 86-style 360? ring shooting ability and far range, can be said to be nearly caught up with the world level, second to none in the world of similar artillery.

Semi-automatic vertical wedge gun breech, breech block with a U-shaped groove playing board; cradle to cradle flip-trough, mounted on the rear part of the pan rack; cradle fitted with an interlocking device left risk prevention plate; interlock device is mainly used when the breech is in a range of large square frame, no more than 22 degrees angle relief firing mechanism, the direction of fire of 360 degrees angle greater than 22 degrees, the direction of fire boundary between the accumulation of three large frame 124 degrees.

Artillery gun carriage using Triangle, where a large frame fixed to the lower shelves, two large frame for the activity; march two activities and large frame collapsed at a fixed large rack, barrel large frame connected with the fixed end fixed; traction ring and drawbar fixed muzzle brake before the bottom.

The level of machine guns, sub-balancing machine gun placed to the left, right, balancing machine is pneumatic; level machine for a single tooth arc; shelves left of the steering worm installed in the eccentric sleeve, when fired in rapid transformation Steering can be liberated. Aiming device type from the PG-1M depending on sight, OP-4M-45-type direct sight with K-1 collimator components.

China North Industries Corporation launched a 122 mm D-30 towed howitzer 's improved D-30-2, which is slightly lighter than the D-30. In addition to all the standard 122 mm emission dispensing ammunition outside [the maximum range of 15.3 one thousand meters], it also can launch Chinese developed the Enhanced 122 mm ammunition, including high explosive air Bottom bombs and high explosive bombs bottom row maximum range [respectively 11 km and 22 km], there are two 122 mm extended range shells are cluster bombs, installing MS15 fuzes, each costing bomb submunitions built with 33 per submunitions can be fried penetrate 80 mm steel armor, armored vehicles can be used to attack the top or open areas infantry clusters, these munitions can also be used Type 83/86, 122 and 89 towed howitzer type 122 crawler.

Chinese artillery troop, fitted out with this type of artillery include motorized artillery fielded forces, Tibetan mountain infantry brigade artillery, and airborne division artillery.

Barrel length 4785 mm
Caliber 122 mm
march Total weight 3290 kg
Combatant Status Total weight 3200 kg
march Length 5400 mm
march Width 1950 mm
march Height 1660 mm
combat Length 7800 mm
combat Width 7800 mm
combat Height 1420 mm
FireWire Height 1200 mm
Barrel length 4270 mm
Muzzle velocity 690 m / s
Maximum range 15,300 m - 18,000 m
Maximum rate of fire 6-8 rounds / min
level of fire -7 degrees -70 degrees
direction of fire 360 degrees
Rate of fire 6 ~ 8 rounds
Projectile weight 33.4 kg
Battle march conversion time 1.5 ~ 2.5 minutes

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