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WZ 511 / Type 77 Armored Personnel Carrier

The Type 77 Armored Personnel Carrier is based on the Soviet BTR-50. The Type 77 has an allwelded hull and is fully amphibious, being propelled through the water by two water jets at the rear of the hull. The commander sits in a projecting bay at the front on the right side and the driver sits at the front on the left side.

The Type 77 has torsion bar suspension that consists of six rubber-tired road wheels with the idler at the front, drive sprocket at the rear and no track return rollers.

Also, the Type 77 has a single-piece driver's hatch cover that opens to the right and three forward-facing periscopes, a single circular commander's hatch cover that opens to the rear and three forward observation periscopes, hatches in the roof of the troop compartment and a single forward-opening door in the right side.

The Type 77 has three firing ports; two in the left and one in the right side of the troop compartment. It also has a white light searchlight mounted on top of the troop compartment to the left front, two water jets at the rear and a trim vane mounted at the front of the hull for fording.

The Type 77 can cross a 2.9-meter trench, mount a 0.87-meter vertical step, climb a 60-percent grade, climb a 40-percent side slope and ford amphibiously.

The Type 77-1 is designed to act as a carrier for a 85mm Anti-Tank Gun and a 122mm Howitzer. The gun is carried on the engine deck along with two stowed ramps for loading and unloading with a small winch located at the rear of the crew compartment. The APC chassis is also the basis for the Type 89 122mm Self Propelled Howitzer.

The Type 77 also carries a single 12.7-mm heavy machine gun that has a basic load of 500 rounds. This weapon is a copy of the Soviet DShKM weapon. The tank commander has no protection while firing the 12.7-mm gun.

China maintains roughly 200 Type-63's in operation.


  • HQ-2J SAM Carrier. This version has a much modified Type 77 APC chassis with seven, rather than six, road wheels on each side. Recently developed, this version will act as the transporter/launcher platform for the HQ-2J SAM, the Chinese equivalent of the Soviet SA-2 Guideline.
  • Miscellaneous. The Type 77 can be used as an ambulance, command post, fuel resupply vehicle and load carrier in addition to filling its basic APC role. The Type-1 has three loading ramps that can be positioned at the rear to enable an 85mm Type 56 gun (with a crew of eight and 30 rounds of ammunition) or a 122-mm Type 54 howitzer (with a crew of eight and 20 rounds of ammunition) to be carried; the Type 77-2 has no loading ramps.

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