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Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer

The 66-type 152mm cannon cannon is based on the former Soviet D-20 152mm cannon. It was produced in 1966 and equipped with a large number of troops. It is the main cannon of our army. The gun uses a 60-type 122mm cannon's gun mount, but replaces the single barrel with a 152 mm barrel, which is more than 60% common with the 59-1 130mm cannon.

The 152 millimeter cannon-howitzer is one of the most widely used pieces of artillery in the Chinese military, and the PLA has developed new tactics and equipment to let this old weapon shine even after 50 years of practical deployment. China has revitalized a type of howitzer that has been part of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) arsenal for more than half a century by updating it with equipment that suits the needs of modern warfare.

Fully manually operated, the 152 millimeter Type 66 howitzer is inexpensive compared to the 155 millimeter PLZ-05 self-propelled howitzer, which has a similar caliber but is highly automated, a military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on 04 JUly 2019, noting this enabled the PLA to mass produce the Type 66. A dozen of these cannons can fully cover a large target area, the expert said. The aging howitzer can now not only shoot normal explosive shells, but also advanced laser terminal guidance shells, CCTV reported, noting that these shells can track targets after they are fired, making them as accurate as missiles.

Electromagnetic jamming shells and flare shells are also included in the Type 66's arsenal. Reconnaissance drones and aim assist radars are also deployed together with the 152 millimeter howitzers, "which gives the artillery wings and eyes," Jin Shuaishuai, an officer at the PLA 73rd Group Army artillery force, told CCTV.

Unlike a self-propelled howitzer, the 152 millimeter howitzer needs a truck to carry it around, and because it is fully manual, it is slower than the automatic ones, said the CCTV report. But in modern warfare, these characteristics also give it a unique advantage over more advanced technologies: electromagnetic jamming, which is popular in modern warfare, will not work against the weapon, the state broadcaster quoted Zhong Puxing, another PLA artillery officer, as saying.

An advanced self-propelled howitzer often uses electronic systems to calculate trajectories, and the weapon cannot do much if these devices become jammed, the anonymous expert said, explaining why the old howitzer's manual system is more reliable in these circumstances. The PLA plans to further revamp this old weaponry to make it more lethal in modern warfare,

The 66-type 152mm howitzer has a maximum range of 17.4 kilometers, so in the case of reconnaissance bombs, the working distance can reach more than 30 kilometers, and when the reconnaissance bomb opens the deceleration umbrella in the air, it must be more than 30 kilometers. It shows that the artillery reconnaissance bomb has a unique advantage, which is much cheaper than the price of the drone, and it does not need to wait for the drone to reconnaissance. It can realize reconnaissance by relying on the artillery itself, so that it can preempt the enemy and quickly destroy the enemy. position. Even if the enemy's artillery reconnaissance radar is useless, because it is a reconnaissance bomb, it is not an enemy's artillery position and its vicinity. After the reconnaissance bomb finds the target, it can execute quickly. Strike, destroy the enemy's position in one fell swoop. There is a parachute in the reconnaissance belt to delay the landing time as much as possible. If there is a strong wind, the shell can continue for a period of working time. The camera is equipped with a wide angle.

In the joint military exercise of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 2014, Russian self-propelled artillery fired the target with laser-guided artillery shells. The shelling was not over yet. The real-time image of the shelling shots fired by China’s reconnaissance artillery shells was transmitted to the headquarters.

66 type 152mm cannon howitzer Caliber 152 mm
Chinese name
Caliber 152 mm
March state full weight 5720 kg
The combat state is full weight 5650 kg
Marching state 8690 mm
Marching state wide 2420 mm
High marching status 2520 mm
Fire line height 1220 mm
Body length 4240 mm
Initial speed 655 m / sec
Maximum range 17230 meters
Minimum range 4400 meters
Direct distance 800 meters
Maximum rate of fire 6-8 rounds per minute
High and low shooting range -5 degrees - 45 degrees
Directional shot left 30 right 28 degrees
Crew 9 people

Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer

Type 66 152mm Towed Howitzer

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