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Type 639A underwater sound measurement ship

This new type of marine survey vessel is called the 639A hydroacoustic survey ship inside the Navy, but its main role is to detect and track submarines, especially nuclear submarines. The 639A hydroacoustic survey ship has a displacement of approximately 1,500 tons and is equipped with a unique small waterline catamaran configuration and is equipped with an integrated electric propulsion system, which means that the ship is quite stable and quiet during operation, which is very suitable Use sonar or other acoustic sensors for hydrological measurements and research, as well as positioning submarines.

The oddly shaped ship is a new type of survey ship piloted by the Chinese Navy. Although it is not a main warship, its importance is far less than that of the main warship. According to outside analysis, this new type of measuring ship was launched during 2017. It adopts a double-body structure with a high bulwark. The hull has a square structure on the front. The main purpose is to detect and collect underwater acoustic information features and surveying and mapping charts. The Chinese naval vessels traveled to escort; it is said that it is the nemesis of non-cooperative submarines, which can locate, screen and record the non-cooperative submarines, and call the counter-potentials to strike.

The model has successively produced three ships, one for the North Sea Fleet, the East China Sea Fleet and the South China Sea Fleet. It is also possible that the another class ship is still under construction. She is a large two-body measuring vessel with good maneuverability, stability and wave resistance. Its main business is to detect the tectonic and hydrological data of the ocean, providing reliable information for warships and submarine operations. At the same time, the sonar can be used to remotely monitor the nuclear submarine and collect its sound characteristics. The service of the Type 639A marks that China has entered the international advanced ranks in this field. The main feature of the small water surface double body structure adopted by it is stable, which is very beneficial to the development of shipborne underwater acoustic detection equipment. It is believed that this new type of survey vessel will be equipped with very advanced underwater acoustic detection equipment and data processing systems. In a certain water area around it, even a very silent non-cooperative submarine can't escape the fate it finds.

The new measuring vessel is very large in size and is thought to have about 5,000 tons of displacement. Previously, the Chinese Navy did not have such a large tonnage measuring ship. Large ships have the advantages of large ships, more airworthiness, better wave/wave resistance, self-sustaining and endurance, and most importantly, more detection equipment can be loaded. It is expected that in the near future, after the new measurement ship joins the Chinese Navy, the days of non-cooperative submarines will be stressful.

When the Americans analyzed the 639A hydroacoustic survey ship, they used it to compare with their own "innocent" marine survey vessels. The US media disclosed that a hydroacoustic survey vessel like the 639A is "almost certainly" equipped with an advanced sonar array for detecting and tracking submarines. With towed sonar, they can receive and analyze submarine's hydroacoustic specials and track them individually. The model is also equipped with a passive listening array with low frequency active array enhancement, and the ability to detect submarines is very powerful. They also maliciously speculated that China is likely to use such "unarmed ships" to monitor the US Navy submarine base, thus causing trouble for the US Navy's submarine force to sail and patrol.

Speaking of the small waterline catamaran configuration, its history is quite long. Canadian Frederick George Creed proposed this configuration as early as 1938. This design minimizes the cross-sectional area of the hull at sea level and greatly improves the stability of the hull. It is far more stable than the traditional configuration at high speeds. It is also because of this point that the US Navys military maritime command is equipped with a first-class high-speed transport ship for rapid transportation. This 1,500-ton cargo ship is equipped not only with heavy-duty transport helicopters. Down the platform, it can also carry a full infantry battalion. Not only can the speed be as high as 43 knots, but the voyage can reach 2,200 kilometers. It can be said to be a perfect transport ship.

Of course, the biggest use of this type of ship is for special purposes. Whether it is the Bohai combat ship that was popular in the past few years, or the special forces transport ship "Sea Shadow" that is specially used for sneak into the sea, the US Navy has applied this type of ship on its special ships.

However, as far as the 639A is concerned, its biggest role is to monitor the submarine. After all, China does not have the needs and ambitions of the US Navy for global operations. The biggest problem in front of China is the large number of submarines that are gradually gathering in the waters around China. The seas around China are already the most densely populated sea area in the world. Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries have a large number of submarines. There are 22 in Japan and 14 in South Korea. Not to mention the US submarines that patrol the waters around China from time to time. Anti-submarine has become one of the important and arduous tasks of the People's Navy. The service of the 639A will also provide stronger support for the Navy's daily anti-submarine eviction.

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# East test 232 201x
# East test 233 201x
# South test 429 201x
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# North test 901 201x

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