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Type 60 122mm Towed Howitzer

The Type 60 122mm cannon is based on the Soviet D-74 122mm cannon imitation made in 1960 production models, there are still some in the Chinese armed forces. Only a small number of this weapon still remain in service, mainly with reserve and militia units. Using monocular barrel gun, fitted double chamber Impact muzzle; breech semi-automatic vertical wedge, open the latch plate to impact, pumping cheese as cam; recoil machine for the hydraulic control rod with groove Slot recoil brake fluid pneumatic recoil machine, dryer and recoil recoil machine gun body arranged in the left and right side, are used barrel recoil form; cradle is cylindrical, vertical shaft Shui shelves shorter neck style, the next frame is steel box with hydraulic jacks and seat plate, large frame with a folding in the summer with a hoe, rack tail wheel and rack jacks, the overall defensive shield; direction of screw machine, height machine for the worm from Lock single toothed external gear type, and equipped with a buffer brakes balancing machine with mechanical adjustment device for the low-angle front push pneumatic gas injection; sighting device by a non-independent mechanical sight, 58 weeks depending on type sight, 58-in calibrator, type 56 with a direct sight and lighting components. The gun uses cartridges of mounted artillery, equipped with anti-burst grenades and flares, it can also launch with five burning tank incendiary.

Caliber 122 mm
march Total weight 5620 kg
Combatant Status Total weight 5540 kg
march Length 9900 mm
march Width 2420 mm
march Height 2750 mm
FireWire Height 1220 mm
Barrel length 5690 mm
Velocity 885 m / s
Maximum range 23,900 m
Maximum rate of fire 8-10 rounds / min
level of fire -5 degrees -45 degrees
direction of fire 28 degrees left and 30 right
gun crew 10 people

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