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Type 56 85 mm cannon

The Chinese Type 56 85 mm cannon is a product improved Soviet D-44 type mm cannon, developed in 1956 and put into mass production for the armed forces, primarily for anti-tank. The gun used with a large side holes impact of monocular muzzle brake barrel, semi-automatic vertical wedge breechblock, barrel recoil recoil rod hydraulic control unit and liquid pneumatic recoil mechanism; gun carriage in part by the cylindrical cradle, turn neck style shelves, racks, Defensive Shield, a large tubular frame and wheel components; using worm steering, self-locking worm gear meshing-type single-toothed outer level machine, balancing machine is pneumatic; using sponge rubber wheels and axle torsion bar buffers. Sighting device includes a 58-in week view sight, 56 type direct sight and calibration devices. With HEAT, Hesh, armor-piercing grenades.

In 1969 in the Treasure Island incident, a Chinese army battalion with 85 mm guns confronted Soviet tanks, 16 Soviet T-62 tanks and armored vehicles were destroyed.

The domestic 56-type 85 mm cannon was replaced by the second generation type 73 100 mm anti-tank gun, using China's first generation of tungsten core fin stabilized discarding penetrators. The domestic 56-type 85 mm cannon was still in front-line military service as of 2009. Xiamen garrison stationed in a country even the southeast coastal frontier line, zone points, line length, weight training mission readiness, professional multi arms, fighting high technical requirements are the main features of this company.

Russia's Caspian Squadron 727th Independent Infantry Battalion belongs to the Russian naval infantry 77th independent brigade, stationed in Astrakhan. The unit includes an amphibious assault company, a automatic grenade platoon, an antitank gun platoon and a mortar company, equipped [as of 2011] with four D44-type 85 mm cannon and six 120 mm howitzers. It had long been thought that the Russian military had long been out of the 85 mm cannon.

Diameter 85 mm
march Total weight 1725 kg
march Length 8450 mm
march Width 1730 mm
march Height 1420 mm
FireWire Height 825 mm
cannon Height 4685 mm
recoil length 580-660 mm
full Projectile Weight
HEAT 12.61 kg
grenade 16.15 kg
armor thickness 100 mm / 60 degree (HEAT)
Cylinder tail HEAT 845 m / sec
Hesh 730 m / sec
full charge 793 m / s Rate of fire 15-20 rounds / min
Maximum range
Full-charge grenade 15,650 m Hesh 7600 m
direct distance
Cylinder tail HEAT 945 m
tracer pointed projectile 900 m
tracer projectile speed 1200 meters
away the profession -7 degrees -35 degrees
direction of fire 54 degrees
Gun crew 8 people

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