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Type 082 Wosao class minesweeper

The Type 082 is a maritime minesweeper (MSC) designed by the Chinese for the so-called boat combination. The minesweeper possessed electro-magnetic, acoustic, infra-acoustic, cutting, and demolition minesweeping equipment, and had a larger range of action than the Type 312. In addition, the Type 082 had an anti-shock capabilities for protection. Western sources report the Wosao class minesweeper is a coastal craft equipped with obsolete mechanical sweeping gear, although Chinese sources report the boat is equipped with navigation radar, equipped with sound, electromagnetic and mechanical minesweeping equipment.

Based on the actual experience of minesweeping during the Vietnam War, in 1976, the Navy proposed the task of developing a new generation of minesweeping boats at the third mine anti-mine equipment planning meeting, requiring electromagnetic, acoustic, infrasound and cutting blasting. For minesweepers, the range of action should exceed that of the Type 312 remote-controlled minesweeper. The equipment on the boat must have the ability to withstand strong shocks, work in a strong magnetic field, and have the ability to centralize control and automation. The China Naval Research Institute immediately organized several research institutes to participate in the development.

A new generation Type 082 minesweeper was researched in 1976 by the No. 708 and No. 710 Institute. It was designed by Ma Jinhua of the 708 Institute and was designed in 1984. Under the premise of drawing on foreign technology from many sources, the design was completed in 1984, and construction was started by Jiangxin Shipyard. In 1987, the Jiangzin shipyard constructed and delivered the minesweeper to the Navy. The first ship entered active service in 1988. At least 5 ships were in production. Some reports stated that it was produced at a schedule of about one ship per year. But only four ship numbers were reported, and by 2019, there were only three ships. The hull numbers changed from "44XX" to "80X" after 2004.

The class is of low magnetic steel hull with a length of 44.8 meters, a width of 6.8 meters, a cabin depth of 3.7 meters, a draft of 2.3 meters, a full load displacement of 320 tons, power by a pair of 4M50 diesel engines with a total of 4400 horsepower, four-axis propulsion, and a maximum speed of 25 knots. The cruising speed is 15 knots, and the fuel is loaded with 70 tons. The maximum range can reach 900 kilometers, the combat capacity is 40 people - 6 officers and 34 men. It is equipped with two 25mm double-barreled naval guns, and can carry 6 mines.

The minesweeper started to build at the rate of one per year. This is the Type 082 minesweeper, which is called the Vortex sweep class in Western countries. This new generation of boats with integrated minesweepers has strong impact resistance. All types of equipment can work normally under a strong magnetic field. This type of boat can not only be controlled by the centralized control room to control minesweeper, but also can remotely control the 312 remote-controlled minesweeper on the command platform. The small-scale cutting blasting mine-sweeping equipment, electromagnetic mine-sweeping equipment, audio-frequency mine-sweeping equipment and infrasound mine-sweeping equipment equipped on the boat are all developed by 710 Institute.

In October 1988, the Type 082 minesweeper was successfully tested for detonation and sinking at the Yangtze River Estuary. The successful development of this type of boat and its mine-sweeping equipment marks another big step forward in the development of China's anti-mine weapons technology.

This period was the early stage of Chinas reform and opening up. According to the general policy of bringing in and going out of that era, Chinas navy has also cooperated with technologically advanced countries within a certain range, and the mine-sweeping technology has achieved considerable development. However, until the end of the 20th century, China did not build a large number of anti-mine warships, but continued to build improved Type 082 minesweepers. Therefore, the construction of this period was the same as other naval vessels of China. It is a period of technological exploration and accumulation.

It has been reported that the Chinese planned to build 38 Italian-designed "Lerici" class Hunting ship, but no further information is confirmed. (because the EU has not lifted its military arms against China so far. Output restrictions, it is unlikely that Italy will blatantly export a complete ship design). However, China did launch a new generation of mine counter-ships in the early 2000s, called Type 082-I I.

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