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Type 082-II (Vortex-class) minesweeper

Some sources also refer to the Type 082-II (Vortex class) minesweeper as Type 082G or Type 082A. By the "Type 082" nomenclature is misleading, as the "Type 082-II" is substantially larger than the "Type 082 / Type 082I", to which it bears no resemblance. A mine-hunting ship is a small warship used to detect, identify, and destroy mines. The hull is generally made of FRP or wooden structure with anti-magnetic, low noise and impact resistance. It is equipped with navigation and positioning system, and remote control. China's new generation of mine-hunting ship Huo Qiu Ship (No. 804) is a new type of anti-mine warship, a modern warship. From development to construction, it took more than 10 years and the investment of 600 million yuan.

The "Huoqiu" (string No. 804) was built in Shanghai's Qixin Shipyard. It was launched in 2004 and was named on April 23, 2005. He served in the East China Sea Fleet. The Huo Qiu Ship is a new type of anti-mine warship and is a modern warship. From development to construction, it took more than 10 years to invest 600 million yuan to fulfill the sacred mission of "cleaning up and winning".

The hull may be constructed of fiberglass (GRP) to reduce its magnetic characteristics. Its propulsion unit has a special noise reduction feature to reduce its acoustic characteristics. It is said to be equipped with an advanced sonar system to detect and classify mines, and to dispatch remotely operated vehicles to view and disintegrate threats.

On 25 January 2016, the Navy's new type of minesweeping ship, "Rongcheng", was placed in a military port in Dalian, marking the official entry of the Rongcheng ship into the People's Navy battle sequence. The deputy secretary of the district party committee Zhao Wei and the deputy district head Zou Jianxin and other leaders attended the ceremony of the Rongcheng ship at the invitation of the head of the Navy Lushun base.

The Navy's Lushun Base is a unit of dual-construction and joint construction in the district for many years, and the 11th largest team of minesweepers is the most important group-level combat force in the jurisdiction. Xigang District has always maintained and carried forward the glorious tradition of supporting the military and not dividing the inside and outside, and not belonging to the military. The district committee and the district government care about and support the construction of the naval forces and fully promote the development of the military and the land.

The PLA navy's mine hunter, Donggang, officially entered active service on 29 December 2016. The vessel consists of a mother ship and three 100-ton distant-control minesweepers. The displacement of the mother ship is close to 600 tons. With an advanced design and mine-hunting system, the vessel is able to locate and destroy various types of underwater mines. The North China Sea Fleet of the Chinese PLA Navy embraced a new minesweeper Donggang (Hull No. 814). A ceremony marking the commission of the new minesweeper was held at a naval port in Dalian, China's Liaoning province.

The Donggang is developed and built by China independently. Its full-load displacement reaches 600 tons. As the mother ship, it has three remote control mine hunters with a displacement of 100 tons each. The Donggang possesses advanced mine hunting system and mine-clearing equipment, and the remote control mine hunters are equipped with multi-type minesweeping tools. Apart from mine array surveillance and mine obstacle clearing, the Donggang is also able to undertake some auxiliary tasks such as seabed exploration, waterway detection, coast patrol, and escorting.

With its low cost and easy maintenance, operation of the ship doesn't require a large crew. In the future, the ship will be mainly responsible for investigation, seabed monitoring, patrolling and escorting. Dozens of operators have already been selected and intensively trained for work on the vessel.

The minesweeper is named after the Donggang City, a county-level coastal city in southeast Liaoning province.

Minesweepers mainly use mine-sweeping equipment to search for and exclude water mines in waterways such as waterways, bases, ports, and rivers. Therefore, in the process of mine clearance, minesweepers need to tow heavy lightning-sweeping equipment---sweeping tools. According to the type of mines deployed, minesweepers can be divided into contact type minesweepers and non-contact minesweepers. In contact with minesweeping equipment, it is necessary to release a cable with a length of about 100 meters and a cable of about 400 meters, plus a spreader, a depth gauge, a cutter and a floating body. When the non-contact minesweeper is working, it is also required to release 600. Around ten meters of cable and a large number of floating equipment, the minesweeper will generate several tons of resistance. Due to the low speed of mine clearance (usually 4-6 knots), this resistance will also seriously affect the operation of the minesweeper. Therefore, when the minesweeping ship is conducting mine-sweeping voyages, it often causes the mine-sweeping equipment to break the cable and hang the seabed, or even a more serious accident such as lightning.

In the formulation of the Navy, the method of maintaining the formation and entering and exiting the minefield during the mine-sweeping activities of the mine-clearing ship is very strictly defined. The first mine-clearing line entering the minefield was determined based on the current wind conditions and the mine-sweeping formation taken. In order to avoid the mine-sweeping ship's own lightning incident, the pilot ship should accurately determine the ship position and correct the wind pressure, and timely report the corresponding data to the follow-up ship.

The use of the new type of mine-sweeping tools has effectively solved the problems of the difficulty in discovering the mines and the difficulty in eliminating mines with different forces in the case of low transparency of seawater, and the performance of directly bombing the mines has greatly improved. The ability of the troops to mine mines.

In the past, the mine-sweeping method generally used a mine-sweeping device to cut the mine chain, let the mines surface, and then blow it up by the ship-borne artillery. The new mine-sweeping device is to detonate the mine by an automatic detonating device. In order to make the new equipment play the best operational energy efficiency, the brigade selected more than 30 professional backbones to set up a technical research team in the preliminary preparation training, and invited experts from scientific research institutions to conduct training and guidance for the equipment operation and recycling.

Repeated research and absorption followed with guidance on relevant safety disposal measures. In the training, they follow the "full process, full content, all-factor" training method, through the port-based exercises, on-line deduction, installation preparation, etc., in time to comment on the problems in the training. At the same time, nighttime mine-clearing training was added to further explore the operational potential of new equipment.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy commissioned two new mine countermeasure vessels, or MCMV, in early 2021 and deployed them in a recent all-day exercise. Analysts said on Tuesday that minesweeping capacity is important for the PLA in the Taiwan Straits. A minesweeper flotilla attached to the PLA Northern Theater Command Navy, including the Rongcheng, the Yucheng, the Huimin and the Zhijiang, recently conducted a maritime exercise in an undisclosed area in the Yellow Sea for four days and nights, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on 10 April 2021. The drill featured multiple modules and all combat factors, as the four MCMVs combined techniques of locating, dismantling and probing together, using sonar devices to detect suspected sea mines at night and clear them with a variety of equipment during the day, CCTV reported. This was the first maritime training exercise the Huimin and the Zhijiang had participated in since they entered service, according to CCTV.

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