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Sky Wing I / Tianyi-1 UAV

Sky Wing (Tian-Yi or Tianyi) is a series of Chinese UAVs developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG). These are totally unrealted to the Tianyi UAVs, mainly small quadcopters, developed by Nanjing Tianyi (meaning Sky One) Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Co., Ltd [part of Xi'an Aviation Base Tianyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd.]. Some of these UAVs are jointly developed with Nanjing University of Science and Technology.

Three members of the Sky Wing series have been revealed by their developer, the smaller Sky Wing I or Sky Wing 1 (SW-I or SW-1) and its derivative Sky Wing 1H (SW-1H), and finally the much larger Sky Wing III or Sky Wing 3 (SW-III or SW-3). The Skywing-1 drone is a light multi-purpose UAV developed by Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation. With two take-off modes, parachuting recovery, real-time information transmission, can be widely used in aerial survey, aerial photography, remote sensing, environmental protection and other tasks.

Tianyi-1 UAV is a lightweight multi-purpose drone developed by AVIC Chengfei Technology Center. Equipped with two kinds of take-off methods: car-assisted and rocket ejection, parachute recovery. Remote sensing telemetry flight can be performed as needed, and the obtained information is transmitted to the ground measurement and control station in real time. According to the needs of different users, it can fly remotely and autonomously according to pre-programmed, load corresponding mission equipment, and perform civil, police, non-wartime military tasks such as aerial survey, aerial photography, remote sensing, anti-smuggling, anti-terrorism, environmental protection, disaster warning and assessment.

Tianyi-1 UAV system is in accordance with the requirements of Chengfei company's existing military aircraft development system to complete the development work, from design to material procurement, finished product development, manufacturing, testing, test flight, have a complete quality control system to control. The whole body structure is fully made of carbon fiber composite material, which has the characteristics of light body weight, high strength and stiffness, and long fatigue life. In addition, the machine adopts Chengfei company has a patented technology buffer system, flexible and convenient use. At the same time, the parachute recovery, with a unique and complete flight safety measures. Full-machine system full-featured, excellent performance, reasonable system configuration, simple, flight quality to the highest level in GJB: first-class flight quality.

The Skywing-1 drone uses a large-scale string ratio/trapezoidal upper single-wing, streamlined short cabin fuselage, double-tailed double-tailed, and forward-propelled propellers.

China's Skywing-1 drone gets military export license. The first-generation "Tianyi" UAV model was unveiled at the 2006 Zhuhai Air Show. Two years later, Chengdu Aircraft Industry Corporation launched an active-duty Tianyi drone equipped with a turbine engine.

In November of 2011, "Tianyi" 1 drone system participated in the bidding of drone and monitoring equipment procurement project of "Energy Saving, Emission Reduction and Ecological Protection Environmental Remote Sensing Technology Support Capability Building" of the Satellite Environment Application Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and the successful bidding marked AVIC. The independent research and development of industrial drone systems successfully achieved sales breakthroughs in the civilian field, which laid the foundation for continued market expansion.

total length 2.465M
height 0.97M
fuselage length 1.727M
wingspan of 4.179M.
Endurance 3 h
Range 100 km
Payload 20 kg
Max speed 180 km/h
Cruise speed 120150 km/h
Ceiling 3 km
Max takoff weight 80 kg
Tian-Yi 1 / Sky Wing I Tian-Yi 1 / Sky Wing I Tian-Yi 1 / Sky Wing I Tian-Yi 1 / Sky Wing I Tian-Yi 1 / Sky Wing I

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