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Tengoen TA001 Striking Hawk / Fluttering Eagle

The second type of fixed-wing long-duration commercial drone independently developed by Sichuan Tengdun Technology Co., Ltd. (Tengdun Technology for short) successfully made its first flight at an airport in southwest China. At 10 o'clock on February 4, 2018, a drone code-named "TA001" took off at an airport in southwest China, and landed safely after nearly half an hour without any trouble. At this point, the first flight of the Fluttering Eagle was a complete success.

Following the two-tailed Scorpion drone service at the end of 2017, SF, Huawei, and China Mobile completed the demonstration of rapid delivery of emergency supplies to verify the flight, pioneering the global delivery of emergency supplies of drones by air, and the early completion of high-quality air force logistics remote command and remote locations in early 2018.

After the joint supply, joint military-ground coordinated UAV joint resupply drill, and the rapid and accurate delivery of emergency supplies UAVs, the second type of fixed-wing UAV launched by Tengdun Technology, nicknamed the "Sky Pickup", is the first of its kind. The success of the flight was claimed to indicate that China's medium and large-scale commercial drone industry has entered a stage of rapid growth with rational growth and maturity from the demand side to the design side and from the manufacturing side to the application side. It also indicates that large-scale commercial drone investment Use, and the era of commercialization of drones is coming.

It is understood that the successful first flight of the fluttering Eagle UAV system consists of a drone, a ground station, a mission load and an integrated support system. The drone is 7.8 meters long, 2.7 meters high, and 14.7 meters wingspan. The maximum flight altitude is 7,500 meters, the maximum take-off weight is 1.2 tons, the mission load capacity is 300 kg, the range is 3,800 kilometers, and the flight time is 24 hours.

It has high reliability and safety, good mid-air and long flight hours, excellent plateau and the ability of rapid marine deployment and the more prominent price advantage compared with similar products in China. It can provide environmental monitoring, geological survey, geomorphological surveying, pipeline inspection, vegetation monitoring, atmospheric research, sports photography and other national economy and people's livelihood projects. Flexible flight support can provide a more reliable aviation platform for public safety tasks such as counter-terrorism and stability maintenance, border inspections, forest fire prevention, sea and land search and rescue, targeted delivery, communication relay, and environmental law enforcement.

Tengoen TA001 Striking Hawk Tengoen TA001 Striking Hawk Tengoen TA001 Striking Hawk Tengoen TA001 Striking Hawk

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