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SY-400 / CM-400AKG

The 7th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition was held on November 4th to 9th, 2008 in Zhuhai Airshow Centre, South China's Guangdong province. A new set of Chinese missile equipment, including the SY 400 rocket-powered guided missile weapon system, made its debut [Shen Ying, meaning Divine Eagle]. China is calling it as a guided artillery rocket system, hence claiming the 400 km range missile it is not limited by the 300 km range MTCR export restrictions. This claim is without merit, as the MTCR has a 500kg payload to 300 km limit, regardless of what the rocket is called. Capable of carrying an HE, fragment, submunition and EMP payload, other sources give this solid fueled SRBM an estimated range of 200km, well below the MTCR-mandated 300km restriction.

SY-400 system from the outset was designed as a tactic to-surface missiles, with a wing mainly used to increase the missile body lift, increasing the missile's gliding distance and improve range. The wing also plays a role in strengthening the longitudinal strength, in order to avoid intense elastic oscillation.

SY-400 is not purely ballistic missiles since the end of the active segment, there is a very long flight distance, in this period of time, the missile had burn engine, the rudder has no gas for gas deflection, how the error correction produced during this time, only a control surface by air. The vane is only supporting the vertical launch system, gas in the vertical direction after the launch target deflection direction. So after the operation, will be discarded, after which control relis on the air rudder.

The main mix is based on a range, SY-400 for 180 km within the tactical support, as more tactical targets, so the use of smaller missiles, can attack several targets. The BP-12A is generally used for fire support battle, a maximum range of 300 kilometers, this is mainly because of the Missile Technology Control Regime restricting the export of missiles with a range of 300 kilometers.

Versatility has always been to improve national weapons development. For example, with 10 launch vehicles, as close to full support, these could have 80 SY-400, used for a remote support, can have 20 BP-12A, if the 10 private launch vehicles, that is, 5 vehicles SY-400, 5 BP-12A is the largest number of 40 SY400, 10 BP-12A, the task fell a lot of flexibility. SY-400 and BP-12A are using GPS / INS guidance, CEP of 30 meters, if the military code GPS system, or the military code of the Compass 2 system, and that accuracy can be further improved.

The CM-400AKG supersonic standoff missile was first on display at the 2012 Zhuhai Airshow as part of FC-1/JF-17's "complete" weapon package. Unlike most modern ASMs flying at the low altitude, the missile flies a rare high ballistic trajectory, powered by a solid rocket motor. It appears that CM-400AKG may have evolved from the earlier SY-400 SRBM. Therefore the effectiveness of such attack profile is still unknown.

The missile has a weight of 900kg, maximum range of 240 km, max speed Mach 5.5 (at diving stage?). It has INS during the mid-course and utilizes active radar/passive radar/IIR seeker with target-recognition capabilities at the terminal stage, which may improve its accuracy. The missile is claimed to be capable of terminal maneuver in some degree to avoid interception by SAM. CM-400AKG is speculated to have been designed to attack fixed or "slow moving", high value ground targets. It has yet to be confirmed that CM-400AGK is in service with PAF's JF-17.

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