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SH5 105 mm self-propelled howitzer

In order to make up for the technological gap, China has closely followed the development of foreign advanced wheeled self-propelled artillery technology. In the 1990s, it developed the domestic large and medium caliber self-propelled artillery. In 2006, it successfully developed the SH-1 155mm self-propelled plus howitzer and the SH-2 type 122mm self-propelled howitzer. These two advanced self-propelled guns not only have long range, high power and strong maneuverability, but also have perfect vehicle fire control and communication. Positioning and orientation systems, with high digital combat capability and world-class technology, have attracted the attention of potential foreign users.

In 2009, China used the long-term accumulation of rich artillery design experience to develop the SH-5 105mm self-propelled howitzer with SH-2 chassis. Its performance surpassed the Dutch MOBAT light self-propelled 105mm gun, SH-1, SH-2. Together with SH-5, it constitutes a complete, medium and small complete calibre sequence of China's foreign trade self-propelled howitzer.

North Industries designed the SH5 105mm self-propelled howitzer for foreign trade performance. The units participating in foreign trade demonstrations On July 23-24, 2011, at the Alashan Shooting Range in Inner Mongolia, include R&D Department of North Industrial Company, Institute of Ordnance Science, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, State-owned 447 Factory, No. 123 Factory, 207 Office, and Xiaolong Company. Liu Xiaolong, vice president of North Industrial Company and vice president of R&D, attended the performance test. Vice President Qian Linfang, Executive Vice President of the Institute of Engineering Technology Wu Zhilin and Associate Professor Chen Longzhen of the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in the foreign trade performance test. Vice President Qian Linfang was the on-site commander of the performance.

The foreign trade show Northern Company invited military delegations from 8 countries and military attachés in China to observe. The purpose of the performance is to show the performance and characteristics of the SH5 105mm self-propelled howitzer's rapid response, autonomous combat and high maneuverability to the outside world, prompting the product to enter the international market as soon as possible.

At 9 am on the 24th, the live-fire shooting performance officially began. Firstly, two groups of 10km live ammunition were fired. The search for the north was completed within 5 minutes, 5 shots were made within 5 minutes, and 5 shots were fired after the position was transferred. After that, the maximum range of shots was shot at the bottom of the 20km bottom shot. A group, initially estimated that its concentration is more than 5%, and achieved very satisfactory results. The foreign personnel checked the spread of the projectile and self-propelledried out the driving performance experience with the self-propelled. On the desert off-road, the self-propelled climbed over the obstacle. The speed on the expressway was as high as 100km/h, and the driving capacity was reached more than 800km.

The performance was a complete success. After the performance, the guests from various countries conducted a performance exchange on the vehicle gun. The commander of a certain artillery company said that the 105mm vehicle gun designed by China was light, smart, stable and accurate.

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