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SH-11 155-mm 8-wheeled SPH

The Chinese defense company NORINCO has developed a new 155-mm 8-wheeled self-propelled howitzer type SH-11. The new artillery system was presented during the AirShow China 2018, which was held in Zhuhai (China) from 6 to 11 November 2018.

Self-propelled howitzer SH-11 155 mm 8x8, apparently created on the basis of an armored personnel carrier VN1 8x8, is equipped with a turret mounted in the rear part of the roof of the hull, armed with one 155-mm howitzer. The SH11 howitzer is equipped with a fully automatic loading system that provides fast shooting and maneuvering, while the autonomous system is easily integrated into the network and centralized command and control system.

The SH11 has a crew of three, including the driver, commander and gunner. The tower is equipped with the latest generation of optics, which includes a new panoramic sight. Tower pointing in a horizontal plane at 360 . The hull and the turret provide protection against shooting by small arms and shrapnel from artillery shells. The combat weight of the machine is 36 000 kg.

China's self-developed SH11 155mm 8X8 wheeled armored self-propelled artillery, although referenced the Italian "Porcupine" and the German "Boxer" AGM in the overall layout design, but in the specific details of the design, it fully reflects the scientific researcher's Understanding and understanding of advanced weapons and equipment.

First of all, the SH11 self-propelled artillery does not use a fully automatic unmanned remote control turret like the "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM, but still maintains the design of the human turret. Therefore, there are three members of the SH11 self-propelled artillery, namely the gunner, the aiming hand, and the operator. The "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM have only two, and no operator is required. At present, there is usually a misunderstanding about the number of members of the modern marine equipment fleet. The fewer the better, even the idea of single-person combat. In fact, in the face of a complex battlefield environment, the number of members of the fleet of land-based equipment should have a minimum. If it is reduced, it will affect the operational effectiveness.

Taking these three 8X8 wheeled armored self-propelled guns as an example, the SH11 is also equipped with a fully automatic supply and delivery system like the other two, though in theory the unmanned remote turret design can also be adopted. However, if the fully automatic delivery system fails, the SH11 operator can also manually load ammunition in the turret. The "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM use the unmanned remote control turret, the crew members and the artillery system are isolated from each other, and basically lose their combat power. In addition, if one of the three team members loses combat power, the remaining two can continue to fight. However, if two members of the team lose one, they will not be able to fight any more.

Secondly, the SH11 self-propelled artillery uses a conventional turret design. Another advantage is that the amount of ammunition will increase. Fully automatic unmanned remote turrets such as the "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM, the amount of bombing can only depend on the loading capacity of the automatic loading machine, which is generally less. For example, the auto-loader shell of the "Porcupine" self-propelled artillery can only be equipped with 15 rounds of ammunition and charge. It is really difficult to cope with high-intensity fire support tasks, and a special supply tank is required to follow the supplementary ammunition. In addition to installing ammunition in the automatic loading chamber of the turret, the SH11 self-propelled artillery can also use the interior space to load as much ammunition as possible, and the continuous combat capability will undoubtedly be greatly enhanced.

The firepower of the SH11 self-propelled gun uses a modular design concept. At present, the SH11 is equipped with a 39-caliber 155-mm howitzer, the same as the "Porcupine". If the user has a need, the SH11 can be replaced with the same 52-caliber 155mm howitzer as the Boxer AGM without major changes. This was mainly due to the fact that the SH11 self-propelled artillery was originally designed according to the requirements of the 52-caliber 155-mm howitzer, including the wheeled chassis designed by the Iron Horse Group, with a load capacity of more than 36 tons, which basically achieved the performance. The Porcupine and the Boxer AGM are at the same level.

The SH11 self-propelled artillery is also equipped with a tail station and a central hydraulic support column that assist in the stability of the body during shooting. In contrast, neither the "Porcupine" nor the "Boxer" AGM has a similar design. This makes the SH11 have a larger direction than the "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM. For example, the direction of the "Porcupine" self-propelled artillery gun is only plus or minus 15 degrees, while the SH11 type is more than twice the direction of the former. Although the SH11 is not the same as the "Porcupine" and "Boxer" AGM, it can not achieve 360-degree omni-directional shooting, but the larger direction of the former has a greater operational flexibility in actual combat.

The last point is also very important, that is, the SH11 self-propelled gun has a strong emphasis on the use of flat shots in design positioning, so it has a direct-sensing photoelectric system similar to the crawler-type self-propelled gun. On the contrary, neither the "Porcupine" nor the "Boxer" AGM is equipped with a direct-seeing photoelectric system, so only the inter-fire attack task can be performed. This allows the SH11 self-propelled artillery to provide direct fire support to the front of the front line, as opposed to the PzH2000 mentioned above, and even to combat the sudden emergence of enemy heavy armor targets. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, the SH11 self-propelled artillery also has the requirement of static and dynamic strike accuracy.

Since China's foreign trade ground equipment began to participate in the Zhuhai Air Show in 2012, the most important defense exhibition in China has also become the show stage for the latest development of Chinese artillery technology. At the 2018 Zhuhai Air Show, in addition to the PLZ52 crawler-type 155mm self-propelled artillery that was exhibited, the SH11 155mm 8X8 wheeled armored self-propelled artillery and the new 155mm vehicle gun were the first public appearances.

On the SH11 self-propelled artillery threre are a large number of new technologies and equipment, including fully automatic delivery systems, advanced modular charges, large-caliber guns and 8X8 wheeled armored chassis. In particular, the equipment of the cloud-top direct-vision photoelectric system not only allows the SH11 self-propelled artillery to have precise direct aiming firepower, but also lays a foundation for further expansion of air defense and anti-missile capability in the future. The concept of multi-purpose large-caliber artillery, which can be used for ground fire support and anti-heavy armor capability, can also be used for air defense and anti-missile. It is also the pioneering development thinking first proposed by Chinese weapon researchers in the world.

The scale of China's 155mm artillery family has been very spectacular. It is the largest and most comprehensive in the world, regardless of the body size, chassis type or traction mode. Considering that China has introduced 155mm artillery technology from the West for more than 30 years, it is not easy to make such achievements.

SH-11 155-mm 8-wheeled SPH SH-11 155-mm 8-wheeled SPH SH-11 155-mm 8-wheeled SPH SH-11 155-mm 8-wheeled SPH

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