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SA2 76mm SPAAG

A new type of self propelled antiaircraft gun [SPAAG] from China was unveiled on the internet in September 2015, this product seems to be exhibited for oversea sales, but it might also equip the PLA.

At Zhuhai AirShow China 2016, Chinese Defense Company NORINCO unveils its new SA2 76mm anti-aircraft mobile gun system. This new artillery vehicle is based on 6x6 military truck with a naval turret mounted at the rear of the chassis. The SA2 anti-aircraft vehicle uses a naval turret mounted at the rear of the truck chassis armed with an H/PJ-26 76mm naval gun system.

This product seemed to be exhibited for oversea sales, but it might also equip the PLA. The new type might indicate that China has successfully developed SA2 type 76mm self propelled antiaircraft gun, and is now pushing it to the international market. Chinese Defense Company NORINCO unveils its new SA2 76mm anti-aircraft mobile gun system at Zhuhai AirShow China in November 2016. This new product is using the same as PJ26 type 76mm naval gun used by warships of China.

It put the 76mm gun into the 8-wheel truck chassis. The artillery used is the PJ26 type 76mm gun. This is the main medium caliber gun of China's Navy. It is equipped on the 054A frigate. Its technology may be derived from the Russian AK176 single tube 76.2 mm gun. The weight has reached more than 11 tons, but in order to get on the train, it has undergone major revisions, mainly to modify the supply system under the original deck, and the amount of shells is also reduced, but other performances will not change, and the rate of fire can reach 60~ 120 rounds/min. Considering the requirements for land use, three shots per target would be used. This is tantamount to creating an American-style destroyer: dumping a large amount of ammunition on the target.

The improvement of the status of the aircraft has also led to an increase in the status of air defense operations. Generally speaking, the best way to fight against an aircraft is to use an airplane. If there is no aircraft, then only a variety of air defense weapons can be used. In the past, high-altitude machine guns and artillery were used. Later, the high-altitude machine guns were not properly used due to lack of airpower. The missile has risen, but the anti-aircraft gun has not been completely abandoned. Nowadays, people's enthusiasm for the development of anti-aircraft guns is not high, especially the large and medium caliber guns are not valued, only for naval guns, but with the advancement of technology, the call for recovery of large caliber guns has also appeared.

Due to advances in technology, the weight of the medium and large caliber guns has decreased, the performance of the rate of fire has increased, and the fire control technology has also improved. There is also the start of ammunition technology, greater range, greater power, and higher precision. . In particular, in the ammunition technology, the advancement of the guidance technology seems to allow the projectile to automatically correct the ballistics, thus having the ability to guide. If it is feasible, then the combat efficiency is not improved by a little bit. What is more attractive is that its price is related to the missile.

The current 76mm gun is already very attractive with the support of a new generation of ammunition technology, and people have begun to consider its land use problem. Changing the naval gun to the army gun can only be regarded as a small means. The technology is not difficult, and it is quite simple and easy.

At present, the gun is exhibited as a foreign trade product. Whether it will be installed in China is very problematic, mainly demand. It is designed in the name of air defense, targeting ground attack, and the muzzle is flat against various ground targets or personnel, which is basically equal to the sweeping destruction, which is very cruel. There is almost no vehicle that it can't be mounted on.

This vehicle uses the same PJ26 76mm naval gun used by warships of China, which can fire 120 rounds per minute to a maximum range of 10 km. The 76mm gun is electrically controlled for elevation and traversing, and is stabilized in elevation.

The SA2 76mm also includes an automatic loading system, Electro-Optical surveillance and tracking panoramic sight for detection, recognition and identification of targets. The turret can traverse through 360 and the elevation is from -10 to +75. The crew cabin is at the front with a power generator at the rear. In firing position, two hydraulic jacks are lowered to the ground on each side of the vehicle to provide a more stable firing platform.

The SA2 new type of high-altitude gun has a far higher power and range than the current small-caliber high-altitude gun. Take the PGZ-07 35mm self-propelled gun of our army for example. The gun has a firing rate of 500 rounds per minute, an effective range of 4,000 meters, and an effective shot height of 3,000 meters. It has a fast rate of fire, but the power of the projectile and 76mm is not at the level, the range and shooting height are not as good as the 76mm shells. In short, the power is insufficient.

From the picture, the gun only has a photoelectric fire control system, and does not see the search and fire control radar. It only has certain independent combat capability, which is obviously also for controlling costs.

It is also said that it is also good for street fighting. It is also possible to use high-angle angles, high-explosive grenades and submunitions, and special targets for high-rise buildings. (Note: Russia used ZSU-23-4 in the street fighting in Chechnya. Small-caliber cannons perform well.)

The Chinese-made SA2 76mm seems to be very similar to the Italian-made Oto-Melara DRACO system, a multifunctional land-based mount designed around the unrivalled 76/62 Super Rapid naval gun to create a unit capable of C-RAM (counter-rocket artillery mortar) role, as well as air defense and ground combat for different operational employment.

SA2 76mm SPAAG SA2 76mm SPAAG SA2 76mm SPAAG SA2 76mm SPAAG SA2 76mm SPAAG

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