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QW-1 / Anza MK-II

The earliest model of one-man air defense missiles developed by China was the "Hongying (Red Tassel)-5." Subsequently the "Qianwei (Advance Guard)-1" was developed in the early 1990s. QW-1 [Qianwei = Advanced Guard / Avant-Garde / Vanguard] is a man-portable shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile system, primarily against enemy low-altitude, low altitude incoming high-speed jet, propeller aircraft, helicopter gunships and other targets. QW-1 missile is simple, safe and reliable, after launching, killing power of a can full to the attack.

The Qianwei-1 made its first public appearance at the 1994 Farnborough International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in the United Kingdom. The Qianwei-1 caught the attention of foreign media and research institutions when it was first introduced to the public because it was claimed to surpass the US Stinger in maximum effective range, target seeker tracking capability, warhead power and other indicators.


The Anza anti-aircraft missiles give Pakistan a response to India's superiority in modern aircraft -- India has a numerical superiority in modern fighter aircraft of more than 3 to 1 over Pakistan. The Anza MK-1, Anza MK-2, and Anza MK-3 surface to air anti-aircraft missiles have ranges of 4, 6 and 15 km, respectively. The missiles are manufactured by the laboratory named after Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of Pakistan's nuclear program.

The Anza MK-II is a portable shoulder-fired, IR homing air defence weapon system similar to the US Stinger missiles. It has a maximum slant range of 5 kilometers, though in the future the maximum range will be increased to almost double. The Anza MK-II is an improved version of Anza MK-II, which was handed over to Pakistan Armed Forces in January 1990. The Anza MK-II was inducted in Pakistan Army in September 1994, and has been locally produced in Pakistan since October 1994. The improved version is a lightweight portable system incorporating a contact-fuse warhead. The main differences from the earlier version are in its high speed (600 M/Sec), accuracy and sustained velocity, high maneuverability and all aspect engagement capability.

It can be used to target both fixed and rotary targets and the missile can be fired by a soldier either on his feet or knees. It can be launched in automatic mode as well as in manual mode. The maximum altitude gained by Anza is 4000 meters, and it can carry 550 grams of warhead explosive. Its reaction time is less than 3.5 seconds, while transition time from movement to ready for operation is less than 10 seconds. Its self-destruction time is between 14 to 18 seconds. The launch motor to have a safe distance between the gunner and the missile after it is released has a jettison/separation characteristics. The total length of the missile with launch motor is 147-7 mm and its weighs 10.68 kg. The operating time of ground battery is more than 50 seconds, and the operating temperature range is between minus 40 centigrade to plus 55 centigrade.


The two names QW-1G / QW-11 actually refer to the same weapons systems. QW-11 portable air defense missiles and other members of the avant-garde family, can be easily ported to high mobility. The vehicle chassis can enable it to provide protection for the combat troops marching along state. QW-11 portable air defense missile length of 1.477 m and a weight of 10.68 kg warhead weight of 1.42 kg, the total weight of the entire weapon system is 16.9 kg; its maximum height of 4000 meters shoot, shoot a minimum height of 30 meters, the biggest killer slope distance 5000 meters, a minimum of 500 meters; combat conversion time of 10 seconds.

QW-11 uses an advanced anti-aircraft missiles "Trigger + laser proximity" Combined Fuze and digital information processing technology, it dominates the anti-missile capability. Compared with the simple use of a triggered fuse portable missiles, laser proximity fuze anti-interference ability, but also can make the missile detonated near the target, it is difficult to deal with such a small target cruise missiles directly hit a very good effect.

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