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PTL-02 wheeled 100mm Assault Gun gun

The PTL-02 wheeled assault gun is based on the Type 92 wheeled armored vehicles developed, so most of its parts are the same. Gearbox, with nine forward gear and a reverse gear. In addition, the lighter weight of the car, through the Y-8 or Y-20 transport aircraft, such as transport, with a high strategy and campaign mobility.

The Chinese Army began installing a 100-mm anti-tank gun on a 6x6 wheeled armored vehicle. This kind of wheeled assault gun is called PTL02, weighing 19 tons, is installed on the WMZ551 (ZSL92) infantry fighting vehicle to accommodate a larger turret to accommodate 100mm anti-tank gun. The PTL02 has been largely used to support infantry operations, thanks to a more powerful 105mm wheeled assault gun that was equipped with the Chinese Army three years ago.

The grassroots commander was pleased to have this kind of equipment because it is a powerful support weapon to remove bunkers, machine guns and other obstacles. Before the 105mm wheeled assault gun equipped with the Chinese Army, PTL02 has been entrusted with this task. It is clear to the Chinese Army leaders that these self-propelled artilliles will eventually be more useful than main battle tanks in support of infantry operations.

As the chassis of the PTL02 is an infantry fighting vehicle, it is an assault gun, after all, not the tank. With excellent mobility and firepower, the protection must be sacrificed, in addition to the necessary protective performance is only to defend against light weapons.

The PTL-02 wheeled assault gun system was based on the ZSL-92 wheeled armored vehicle, integrated with matured weapon technologies including the Type 86 100mm towed anti-tank gun and the Type 88 MBT. The vehicle was designed to engage armored vehicles, bunkers, fortifications, and other stationary or moved targets.

The PTL02 and the old PTL87 are different in many respects. The PTL02 uses WZ-551A chassis technology, the engine is the German BF8L413F type, four-stroke, V-8-cylinder, pressurized cold, air-cooled diesel engine. Power of 343 horsepower, speed of 2500r / min, speed up to 80km / h or more, than the PTL87 engine 253 horsepower, a full upgrade of 40 percent.

In addition, PTL02 is equipped with 14.00 ~ 20 low-pressure radial tire, and the use of central pressure regulator system, according to road conditions to adjust the pressure. Bulletproof tires were punctured, the vehicle can still walk 30km / h speed 100 km. PTL02 canceled the WZ-551 water propeller, and in the same location to install two pontoons, mainly to take into account the light chassis on the anti-tank guns increased by the weight, coupled with the center of gravity after the shift a lot, In order to ensure the stability and safety of PTL02 in water, it is the same time. At the same time, PTL02 has a lot more maneuverability than the WZ-551.

The PTL-02 was fielded along with the ZSL-92 IFV and ZSL-92A APC in the PLA rapid reaction wheeled mechanized infantry troops. The PTL-02 is powered by a BF8L413F 4-stroke, 8-cylinder, turbo-charged, air-cooled diesel engine with a standard power of 320hp. The vehicle uses a mechanical gear box, with 9 forward gears and 1 reverse. Power assisted steering, independent suspension, and central inflating system are fitted as standard. However, the PTL-02 lacks the two rear propellers found on the ZSL-92, which suggests that the gun system is not amphibious.

The gun in the manufacture of the use of electroslag remelting, barrel self-tightening technology, shooting chamber pressure can be as high as 450 MPa, muzzle initial speed of 1610 m / s, direct distance of 1800 meters. If the maximum elevation of 38 degrees indirect shooting, a range of up to 13,700 meters, the rate of sound up to 8 to 10 rounds / minute. The gun can can use armor piercing, armor and grenades. At 1000 meters at the target shooting, the missile spread of 0.3 m 0.3 m, its performance enough to fight against the second generation of main battle tanks.

PTL02 uses a 37B electric synchronous micro-disturbance fire control, the fire control system level slightly higher than Type 88 tanks, but because PTL02 lighter weight, shooting body vibration is very large, so shooting accuracy is less than Type 88 tanks. In addition, the shooting direction of the angle is subject to certain restrictions to prevent the shooting when the ground is not flat so that the body overturned. PTL02 with gun firing missile guide device, with six guns anti-tank missiles, so that PTL02 become effective against the third generation of main battle tanks weapons.

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