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PLZ-52 155mm self-propelled howitzer

The PLZ52 (SH8) 155mm track-type self-propelled cannon is a 52-caliber 155mm long-range suppression weapon that has been improved, improved and developed on the basis of the 45-caliber 155mm self-propelled howitzer that has been exported to many countries. The self-propelled gun uses an armored crawler chassis as a mobile platform, and the armored turret is used as a carrier for firepower, ammunition automatic loading, high-performance fire control and sighting. Through the optimized combination and organic matching of each part, a high-performance self-propelled gun with remote pressing, precision strike, high-efficiency damage, quick response, fast maneuvering, light operation, reliable use, convenient maintenance, day and night combat and other functions and features.

The PLZ-52 self-propelled gun system is based on the PLZ-45 self-propelled gun system. It is a new generation of foreign trade self-propelled gun system developed for the defects of PLZ-45 and the development trend of the new type of self-propelled howitzer. The 52-caliber artillery, ammunition, reconnaissance, command and control system, PLZ-52's informatization level has been further improved, and the comprehensive combat capability has reached the level of the third-generation self-propelled artillery abroad.

In appearance, the shape of the PLZ-52 is similar to that of the PLZ-45, but the height of the chassis and the height of the turret are slightly higher than that of the PLZ-45. The shape is much higher and stronger than the PLZ-45. The main weapon of the PLZ-52 is a 52-caliber cannon. It is reported that when the BRFB-BB-RA is launched, its range is 53 kilometers. According to the public information, China has developed a range of 70 kilometers. The long diameter is longer than the remote cylindrical bomb. International foreign trade self-propelled howitzers have been equipped with long-range low-resistance cylindrical bombs with a range of 70 kilometers or more. In order to improve the competitiveness of PLZ-52, PLZ-52 should be able to provide cylindrical bombs with a range of 70 kilometers according to customer needs.

The PLZ-52 munitions are very complete. The projectiles include killing explosives, flares, smoke bombs, submunitions, yellow phosphorus bombs, GS-1 end-sensitive bombs, GP-1, GP-6 laser-guided bombs. Among them, the GS-1 terminal sensitive bomb is equipped with 2-3 end-sensitive bombs, and the terminal-sensitive bomb is equipped with a search sensor, which can automatically search for attacking armor targets, and is a weapon for long-distance anti-armor. The GP-6 Laser Terminal Guided Projectile is the newest laser semi-active terminal guided projectile in China. It can attack fixed targets and moving targets with a speed of no more than 36 km/h, with a first hit probability of 90%.

On 11 November 2015, the opening ceremony of 10th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition (Airshow China) was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong province. A PLZ52 155mm self-propelled howitzer, researched and manufacured by China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO GROUP), was exhibited on Airshow China. Based on the design of 45 times diameter 155 mm self-propelled howitzer, this new type of howitzer was a 52 times diameter 155 mm self-propelled howitzer, whose cannon-shot range could reach 50 kilometer.

According to the introduction from the staff of NORINCO GROUP, the attacking accuracy of this new howitzer will be advanced. Furthermore, several progresses were achieved by equipped ammunition to make the range of cannon-shot further improve. The chassis of the new howiter had an improvement for reloading a 1000Hp engine and an automatic transmission to get a top speed of 65km/h and travel as far as 450km on a full charge, promoting its maneuvering performance. Furthermore, the aiming system and the fire control system on the new howiter were also taken the place of digitization system.

Beside the PLZ52 155mm self-propelled howitzer on the exhibition, there were GP155 guided bombs setting up, which will greatly promote the attacking accuracy of the new howitzer doubtlessly.

The PLZ52 155mm self-propelled howitzer chassis and bodywork follow the PLZ45 design. The main feature of the chassis is that it can be turned in place and turned quickly. Due to the lengthening of the gun barrel, the increase in weight, and the update of the vehicle equipment, the total weight of the battle increased by about 10 tons. As a result, the PLZ52 is equipped with a new 1,000-hp turbocharged diesel engine and a fully automatic transmission. The technical performance of the powertrain is much higher than that of the PLZ45 Deutz turbocharged diesel engine + dual-power output manual transmission. Cut, the power is almost doubled, so although the weight of the car increases, the mobility is greatly improved. The most typical is the maximum road speed increased from 56 km/h to 65 km/h in PLZ45. The maximum stroke is still maintained at 450 km, which indicates that the fuel consumption rate of the new high-power diesel engine used in the PLZ52 is significantly lower than that of the PLZ45 diesel engine. The power system can also be hoisted as a whole, which greatly facilitates field maintenance and replacement.

According to North Industries, the PLZ-52 has a burst speed of 3 rounds/15 seconds and has 4 rounds of sustained firing. The maximum rate of fire should be 8 rounds per minute. Therefore, the PLZ-52 is equipped with an automatic loading system. The ability to automatically load the projectile at any angle and semi-automatic loading of the cartridge at any angle, considering that the automatic loading system equipped with the PLA's Type 05 self-propelled howitzer was improved on the basis of the Russian 2C19 self-propelled cannon automatic loading system.

The automatic loading system used in the PLZ-52 should be derived from the 05-type automatic filling system. The PLZ-52 adopts a new diesel engine with a maximum output of 1000 hp, a maximum speed of 65 km/h and a maximum stroke of 450 km. From the position of the chassis wheel arrangement, the PLZ-52 chassis may be used for reference. The technology and design of the 05-type artillery chassis has added independent hydraulic shock absorbers on the first and last pairs of load-bearing wheels. This mechanism can lock the load-bearing torsion arm in the rocket-fired shooting type, which can absorb the rocketback recoil energy in large quantities while maintaining The stability of the car body improves the shooting accuracy and maneuvering capability of the gun.

The body and turret of the PLZ52 self-propelled cannon are constructed of fully welded steel armor to prevent close-range 7.62mm armor-piercing projectiles and 155mm grenade fragments. The power cabin is located at the right side of the car. Due to the large increase in engine power, the area of ??the intake and exhaust window is larger, which extends the bevel of the armor on the head of the car to the bottom of the turret. Unlike the PLZ45, there are two stepped ribs, which make the shape more smooth. In addition, the circular exhaust port on the right front side of the PLZ52 body is also reduced from the PLZ45 to one.

PLZ- The 52 self-propelled artillery system is a camp-based unit. The entire firepower unit includes the battalion/continent command vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, ammunition transport vehicle, reconnaissance radar vehicle, weather radar vehicle, and armored rescue vehicle. The new ammunition carrier should be named PCZ-52. The PCZ-52 is equipped with the current popular setting for the front of the elastic arm. The transmission speed of the PCZ-52 is about 10 rounds per minute. The battalion/continuous command vehicle still uses the same YW534 chassis as the ZCY-45. It uses a more advanced computer, command communication equipment and navigation equipment. The information level is higher than ZCY-45, which can better perform the command function. The PLZ-52 self-propelled artillery system is equipped with a new lift-type photoelectric reconnaissance device that provides real-time target data and explosion point data in day and night, various climates and terrain conditions.

The PLZ-52 self-propelled gun system is equipped with a reconnaissance system. The radar vehicle uses a new type of reconnaissance radar with a detection range of more than 40 kilometers. It can simultaneously detect, track and process multiple targets, reconnaiss and locate enemy artillery firing positions and correct errors in a short period of time, and improve the accuracy of the artillery. PLZ-52's entire firepower unit includes battalion/continent command vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle, ammunition transport vehicle, reconnaissance radar vehicle, weather radar vehicle, armored rescue vehicle and other supporting vehicles.

The main competition of the PLZ-52 are Korean K-9, South Africa G6-52, American M109A6 and other self-propelled artillery. The main advantage of PLZ-52 is that China can provide a complete supporting system, and the later guarantee level is higher with the PLZ-52. For example, the K-9 self-propelled artillery of the main competitor. Due to the limited scale and level of the Korean defense industry, it is impossible to provide supporting equipment such as advanced reconnaissance radar, and it must be equipped with a foreign-made reconnaissance radar. The many core technologies of the gun and the poor performance in recent years, the advantages of PLZ-52 will be more obvious, and the same problems exist in countries such as South Africa. Therefore, it can be affirmed that the PLZ-52 self-propelled artillery system with more comprehensive performance will continue to build on the excellent foreign trade performance of the PLZ-45 self-propelled artillery, and continue to consolidate China's strong position in self-propelled artillery.

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