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PLZ-04 155mm self-propelled howitzer

The PLZ-45 spawned the PLZ-04. The gun's barrel length is about 4% less than the PLZ-05. PLZ-04 is another export version. It has a slightly longer 54 caliber barrel, which gives improved range and accuracy. This self-propelled howitzer was reportedly exported to Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The PLZ-05 was first exhibited at the Military Museum in 2007. There are three variants: PLZ-05/05, PLZ-52 and PLZ-04 (for 54-caliber barrels). Regardless of strategic maneuverability, PLZ-05 can be ranked first, and the range and rate of fire of the German PzH2000 are not greater than the PLZ-05. The PLZ-52 is too big and too heavy, and can't be transported in large transport planes. Strategic transport aircraft are needed. The PLZ-05 has a crew of five and is equipped with a semi-automatic charging. On the modification of the PLZ-04 crew reduced to four people.

However, these self-propelled artillery have a barrel life of about 2500 shots. As with the automated command system and satellite positioning systems, PLZ-05/04 are able to do shooting in a few minutes to prepare. It is reported that the maximum rate of fire 10 rounds per minute (PLZ-45 for 5 rounds), extended-range missiles fired at the bottom of the exhaust when the maximum range can be 50 km, when launching the largest common range of ammunition, 39 km, firing laser-guided artillery shells to a maximum range of 20 km. However, this should be pointed out that the three guns on the use of a large number of military technology from Russia.

With an automated command system and satellite positioning system, the PLZ-05/04 is ready to shoot in minutes. It is reported that each artillery is loaded with 30 rounds (24 of which are stored in the loader), the maximum rate of fire is 10 rounds per minute (5 rounds for PLZ-45), and the maximum range when launching the bottom exhaust range extender can be Up to 50 kilometers, the maximum range for launching ordinary ammunition is 39 kilometers, and the maximum range for launching laser-guided projectiles is 20 kilometers. However, it should be pointed out here that the three artillery units used a large number of techniques to steal from Russia.

Compared to the other self-propelled artillery pieces, the PLZ-05/04's turret volume has increased, and its shape is easily reminiscent of the Russian 2S19 self-propelled artillery. According to sources, the automatic loading system equipped on the PLZ-05/04 is actually copied from the Russian-made equipment of the same type, because the Chinese military is not satisfied with the performance of the loading machine equipped on the PLZ-45.

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