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South Sea Fleet Naval Bases

Base  TypeLatitudeLongitude
ZhanjiangFleet HQ2110'N11024'E
GuangzhouMajor Base2306'N 11315'E
YulinMajor Base ____'N____'E
BailongMinor Base ____'N____'E
BaimajingMinor Base ____'N____'E
BeihaiMinor Base 2129'N10906'E
DangjiahuanMinor Base ____'N____'E
DonguonMinor Base ____'N____'E
HaikouMinor Base 2002'N11006'E
Hong KongMinor Base ____'N____'E
HuangfuMinor Base ____'N____'E
HumenMinor Base ____'N____'E
KuanchuangMinor Base ____'N____'E
LongmenMinor Base ____'N____'E
MawaiMinor Base ____'N____'E
PingtanMinor Base ____'N____'E
SanzhouMinor Base ____'N____'E
ShantouMinor Base2002'N11006'E
ShanzhoushiMinor Base ____'N____'E
Tang Chian HuanMinor Base ____'N____'E
XiachuandaoMinor Base ____'N____'E
FolouNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
GuipingNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
HaikouNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
JialaishiNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LinglingNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
LingshuiNaval Air Station ____'N____'E
SanyaNaval Air Station1817'15"N10927'49"E

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