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Northern Theater Air Force

The air force in the northern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is a force under the jurisdiction of the northern theater after the PLA's five major theaters of operation and the adjustment of the military service organs of the theater are completed. The Air Force Organ of the Northern Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is stationed in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province. Former northern war zone Air Force from the Shenyang Military Region Air Force, and former Jinan Military Region Air Force.

In February 2016, President Xi conferred military flags on the PLA’s five newly established theater commands: the Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, and Central Theaters. The theaters are responsible for warfighting and improving routine readiness through joint operations, training, and strategy and plans development. These changes required the reassignment of some units.

In 2016, the PLAAF established five new theater air force headquarters and adapted its mission and structure to align with the PLA’s ongoing reforms. In February 2016, General Ma Xiaotian, the PLAAF commander, and Lieutenant General Yu Zhongfu, the service’s political commissar, urged the development of a “joint operations mindset” at a ceremony marking the creation of the theater air forces. They directed the service to streamline institutions, embrace a force-building role, and improve regulations to ensure standardization and discipline in carrying out reforms.

The adjustment and formation of a theater air force is an urgent need to address national security threats and effectively fulfill military missions. The air force will shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the party and the people with a new perspective and responsibility.

In this round of reform, the original Jinan troops were transferred to 3 theaters, and the cadres of the government were adjusted to nearly 10 units in 3 theaters. Nearly a thousand people moved away from the camps that had been stationed for many years and went to new posts. The impact of this adjustment was not small. Some of these cadres were divided into houses, and some family members did not follow the army for long. But once the order is issued, everyone was organized to go.

In February 2016, the Air Force held the founding meeting of the Eastern Air Force of the People's Liberation Army, the Southern Air Force of the People's Liberation Army, the Northern Air Force of the People's Liberation Army, and the Central Air Force of the Chinese People's Liberation Army. At that time, the Air Force Commander Ma Xiaotian and the Air Force Political Commissar Yu Zhongfu awarded military flags to the five theater air forces. At that time, Ding Laihang was the commander of the air force in the northern theater, and Lieutenant General Bai Wenqi was the political commissar of the air force in the northern theater.

Air Force Commander: Lieutenant General Ding Laihang , male, Han nationality, born in September 1957, from Hangzhou , Zhejiang Province, a member of the Communist Party of China, graduated from the Air Force Command Academy, a bachelor’s degree, and the rank of lieutenant general in the Air Force. In February 2016, he served as the air force commander of the northern theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

On the evening of 16 October 2019, Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee, and Governor Jing Junhai met in Changchun with the Air Force Commander who attended the "Celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Air Force·Changchun Air Show" Ding Laihang and Air Force Political Commissar Yu Zhongfu and his party. Fang Beiqun, deputy head of the Training and Management Department of the Military Commission, Zheng Yuanlin, deputy commander of the Air Force, Chen Xuebin, deputy political commissar of the Air Force, Yu Qingjiang, chief of staff of the Air Force, Zhu Cheng, director of the Air Force Equipment Department, and Cai Lishan, political commissar of the Air Force in the northern theater, attended the meeting.

The news this time revealed an important personnel adjustment - Cai Lishan had served as a political commissar of the Northern Air Force. Cai Lishan had served in the Air Force for a long time. He served as the deputy political commissar of the 15th Army of Airborne Corps and the head of the troops stationed in Fujian. He served as the former director of the Political Department of the Air Force of the Chengdu Military Region by July 28, 2015. In August 2016, Cai Lishan served as the director of the Political Work Department of the Air Force in the Western Theater, for 3 years.

In October 2018, Cai Lishan published an article "Forging a Team of High-Quality Cadres with Loyalty and Cleanliness" in People's Daily. The article mentions: "The army's leading cadres are loyal to the party. It depends on who holds the gun, and whether our army can provide an important strength guarantee for consolidating the party's ruling position. Therefore, it must be the first criterion for selecting and employing people."

He mentioned, "Only by taking loyalty to the party as the first criterion for selecting and employing people, can we always adhere to the absolute leadership of the party over the army and ensure that our army will resolutely obey the command of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission and Chairman Xi at any time and under any circumstances."

Cai Lishan believed that when selecting a person, we must pay attention to a person's performance in self-cultivation, to see if he seriously repairs the "mind learning" of the Communists, always staying awake and staying awake, and always insisting on gentlemen's physical examination, often if there is Introspection. Not only depends on a person's performance in solving the "master switch" problem, but also on his performance in handling small things.

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