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Central Air Force

The Air Force in the Central Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is a force under the jurisdiction of the Central Theater after the PLA's five major theaters of operation and the establishment of military service organs in the theater are completed. The Air Force of the Central Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army is stationed in Beijing. Central Theater Air Force from former Beijing Military Region Air Force, and former Jinan Military Region Air Force one.

In February 2016, President Xi conferred military flags on the PLA’s five newly established theater commands: the Eastern, Southern, Western, Northern, and Central Theaters. The theaters are responsible for warfighting and improving routine readiness through joint operations, training, and strategy and plans development. These changes required the reassignment of some units.

In 2016, the PLAAF established five new theater air force headquarters and adapted its mission and structure to align with the PLA’s ongoing reforms. In February 2016, General Ma Xiaotian, the PLAAF commander, and Lieutenant General Yu Zhongfu, the service’s political commissar, urged the development of a “joint operations mindset” at a ceremony marking the creation of the theater air forces. They directed the service to streamline institutions, embrace a force-building role, and improve regulations to ensure standardization and discipline in carrying out reforms.

The adjustment and formation of a theater air force is an urgent need to address national security threats and effectively fulfill military missions. The air force will shoulder the important tasks entrusted by the party and the people with a new perspective and responsibility.

In this round of reform, the original Jinan troops were transferred to 3 theaters, and the cadres of the government were adjusted to nearly 10 units in 3 theaters. Nearly a thousand people moved away from the camps that had been stationed for many years and went to new posts. The impact of this adjustment was not small. Some of these cadres were divided into houses, and some family members did not follow the army for long. But once the order is issued, everyone was organized to go.

In the face of the change of leadership and command institutions, as well as new operational responsibility areas, new duties and missions, officers and soldiers actively adapted to the change of roles and functions. Leaders at all levels adhered to the rate and took the lead in accelerating the reshaping of ideology and concepts and the upgrading of abilities and qualities. The conversion of working methods realized seamless docking with superior units in the shortest time, so as to co-edit "one game of chess", "one rope" together, and "one family" together, laying a solid foundation for the development and construction of new units.

Air Force Commander: Lieutenant General Han Shengyan, male, from Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province, went to study abroad with the delegation in the early 1990s. Promoted to the rank of lieutenant general in 2017. He is currently the air force commander of the Central Theater of the Chinese People's Liberation Army.

Lu Jun was the Deputy Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Committee (February 2016-2018). He was the author of "Resolutely eliminate the "enemy in mind"" in China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News. 2016-10-21. He wrote that " as Comrade Xi Jinping pointed out: "Many of the leading cadres investigated and dealt with after the Eighteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China, many of them did not end up on hedonism and extravagance. They are eager to enjoy pleasure, eat and drink, spend time, and spend extravagance. The "Four Winds" problem has changed, and the patterns have been renovated, with various variations." From this, we can see that hedonism and extravagance are still rooted, and the style construction is always on the road; only when it is in progress, when it is not completed, it must be done Preparation for protracted wars and tough battles.

"Some people do not have the "smell" of the Communist Party members, nor the "look" of the Communists. ... they shoulder shoulder to shoulder with the boss. In order to satisfy their own selfish desires, it is convenient to spend money on work. Secretly stay with the big money, you will give me benefits, I will give you support, and make a lot of money. transaction. Some superstitions are attached to each other. In order to achieve their personal goals, they do not hesitate to hug their thighs, find a backer, and make the normal relationship between the superior and the subordinate into the relationship between the master and the slave. Some are keen on operating a "circle culture", holding groups with "hometown", meeting with "classmates", and circled with "industry". Wherever there is work, they are circled wherever the purpose is to connect feelings and communicate with each other. In the future, the rhythm will be mutually supportive, and when the momentum is growing, the party will become private and gang up, until the ambition expands, conspiracies and tricks will be created, the unity of the party will be seriously damaged, and the party's ruling foundation will be eroded."

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