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PJ26 76mm 10x10 SPAAG

At the November 2018 Zhuhai Air Show, China's military industrial enterprises exhibited a new type of 76mm self-propelled artillery. The 76mm guns are commonly used in domestic 056 and 054A frigates. The guns are from Russia. They are extremely reliable. They can be used without any problems. After the introduction, China has redesigned its control parts. There was a land-based test video of a 76mm gun on the Internet. The gun constantly changed the direction of the shot, and 50 shots were made in 26 seconds. The rate of fire was quite amazing.

The 1980s, the 76mm anti-aircraft gun system was developed by Otto-Melera of Italy. Its turret was installed on the chassis of the improved "Leopard I" tank. The effective range of the gun was 6 Kilometers, the rate of fire is 120 rounds per minute. But the plan ended up aborting due to cost and demand constraints. In the new century, with the advancement of technology, Italy took the 76mm high-altitude gun out and improved it. It installed it on the the "Centaurus" heavy-duty wheeled armored chassis and replaced it with the name "Draco" self-propelled anti-aircraft gun.

In 2015, China introduced the SA2 76mm self-propelled artillery. This time, the Zhuhai Air Show has introduced an improved version of the 76mm gun. From the network exposure picture, the publicly disclosed 76mm wheeled self-propelled artillery is clearly different from the SA2 76mm self-propelled artillery.

The original SA2 76mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun used a common military truck chassis, and the improved model uses a 1010 wheeled armored chassis. It is also the first domestically produced 1010 wheeled chassis with load-bearing capacity and off-road performance. Great progress over the original.

Secondly, the original SA2 76mm self-propelled artillery had a relatively simple photoelectric fire control system, while the improved 76mm self-propelled artillery has a relatively complete detection and fire control system. In addition to the photoelectric fire control system, phase control is installed behind the turret. The array-to-air search radar provides target indication and fire control for the artillery.

Finally, although both are 76mm anti-aircraft guns, the internal structure is quite different. The SA2 type 76mm anti-aircraft does not have the water cooling of the naval gun, and ths the system does not reach the maximum rate of fire of the gun. The open 76mm anti-aircraft gun may have adopted a switch structure to increase the rate of fire, increase the firepower density, and the ability of the artillery to significantly damage air targets.

The domestic army is not equipped with this type of gun and is only used for export. Now there are some drones in conflict areas, and the medium-caliber anti-aircraft gun is an excellent defense.

PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG PJ26 76mm 10x10 76mm SPAAG

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