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Jianjiji-7 - J-7 Specifications

Role Interceptor; ground attack; trainer
Designer Mikoyan-Gurevich Design Bureau, Soviet Union/Russia
611 Aircraft Design Institute, Chengdu
Manufacturer Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (J-7)
Chengdu Aircraft Corporation (J-7I, J-7II, J-7C/D, J-7E/G, J-7FS)
Guizhou Aviation Industrial Group Co. (J-7C/D, JJ-7/FT-7)
J-7I F-7A
J-7II F-7B
F-7M Airguard
F-7MP Skybolt
F-7P Skybolt
J-7G F-7MG
BG = Bangladesh
NI = Nigeria
P = Pakistan
S = Sri Lanka
First flight
Jan 1966J-7
Jun 1969J-7I
Dec 1978J-7II
Aug 1983F-7M
07 Mar 1984 J-7IIA
26 Apr 1984J-7C
09 Jun 1988F-7MP
May 1990J-7E
20 Aug 1991J-7D
Jun 2002 J-7G
CREW J-7 (F-7) One
JJ-7 (FT-7) Two
Length 14.855m (J-7II);
15.591m (J-7C);
14.885m (J-7E)
Wingspan 7.154m (J-7II, J-7C);
8.32m (J-7E)
Height 4.103m (J-7II/E);
4.251m (J-7C)
Wing area 23 square meters
Empty 5,275kg
Normal take-off 7,370kg (J-7II);
7,680kg (J-7E)
Max take-off 9,100kg (J-7E)
Normal landing 5,480kg (J-7II)
Fuel capacity 2,080kg (J-7II);
4,165kg (J-7E)
Powerplant 1X Liyang WP-7 (J-7I)
1X Liyang WP-7B (J-7II, F-7A/B)
1X Liyang WP-7N (F-7MG/PG)
1X Liyang WP-13F (J-7C/D, J-7E/G, F-7MG/PG)
Thrust (dry) WP-7: 38.245kN (3,900kg; 8,598lb)
WP-13F: 44.1kN (4,497kg, 9,914lb)
Thrust (afterburning) WP-7: 56.388kN (5,750kg; 12,677lb)
WP-7B: 58.8kN (5,996kg; 13,219lb)
WP-7N: 59.83kN (6,100kg; 13,450lb)
WP-13F: 65.17kN (6,645kg; 14,650lb)
Max level speed Mach 2.0 (high altitude)
Max climb rate 180m/s (sea-level)
Service ceiling 18,800m
Range (without refuelling)
Ferry range 1,740km (two AAMs and two 480 liter drop tanks); or
2,230km (three 720 liter drop tanks)
Combat radius
45 minutes flight and 5 minutes combat Loitering two AAMs three 720 liter drop tanks11,000m altitude
650kmLong-range interception two AAMsthree 720 liter drop tanksMach 1.5 speed
600kmLong-range interdiction two 150kg bombs three 720 liter drop tankshi-lo-hi
370km Close air supportfour rocket launchersno drop tanklo-lo-lo
In-flight refuelling No
G limit +7G
Fixed weapon
  • J-7: 1X Type 30-I (30mm), 60 rounds
  • J-7I: 2X Type 30-I (30mm), 60 rounds per gun
  • J-7C/D: 2X Type 23-III (23mm), 100 rounds per gun
  • J-7E: 1X Type 30-I (30mm)
  • F-7MG: 2X Type 30-I (30mm)
  • J-7G: 1X Type 30-I (30mm)
  • External hardpoints 3 (J-7/I); or
    5 (J-7C/D/E)
    Air-to-air missiles
  • PL-2, PL-5, PL-7, PL-8, PL-9, Magic R550, AIM-9
  • Bomb 250/500kg free-bomb
  • Other 57/90/130mm unguided rocket launcher
  • Flight control WL-7 radio compass; 0101 HR A2 altitude radio altimeter; LTC-2 horizon gyro; XS-6 marker beacon receiver; VOR; Distance Measure Equipment (DME); Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Fire control SM-3A optical sight (J-7); AFS-3A lead-computing sight with Type 222 ranging radar input (J-7II); GEC-Marconi Type 956 HUD, and weapon-aiming computer system with input from the GEC-Marconi Type 226 'Skyranger' ranging radar (F-7M/P); or Italian Grifo-7 fire-control radar (F-7PG).
  • Countermeasures South-West China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment KG-8602 RWR interfaced with the South-West China Research Institute of Electronic Equipment KG-8605 internal radar noise jammer and China National Import and Export Corporation GT-1 chaff/flare dispenser, and Type 602 'Odd Rods' IFF

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