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J-6 (Jian-6 Fighter aircraft 6) / F-6

MiG-19 J-6
1st flight 1953/09/181958/12/17
Span:9.2m 9.2m
Length12.6m (without p-tube) 14.9m (with p-tube)
Height3.9m 3.88m
Weight empty5.2t 5.7t
gross/max8.9t 10.0t
Engine Tumanskii RD-98 Wopen WP-6
Number of EnginesTwoTwo
Thrust2,250kg (A/B 3,250kg)2,600kg (A/B 3,250kg)
36.78kN (8,267 lbf) each
Vmax M=1.35/Hi M=1.45/Hi
Maximum Speed1,540km/h
Cruise Speed950km/h
Service Ceiling 17,900m 17,600-17,900m
Rate of Climb 6,900m/min 6,900m/min / 180m/s
Combat radius--km 685km
Range1,380km 1,380km
Ferry Range--km 2,200km
Armament** HP:
Armament: Fixed Weapons3 x 30mm cannon 3 x 30 mm NR-30 cannons
(70 rounds per gun for wing guns
55 rounds for fuselage gun)
Number of Hardpoints4 (MiG-19S) 6 (3 on each wing)
Air-to-Air Missiles3 AAM PL-2, PL-5
Air-to-Ground2 bomb 250kg/rocket pods 250 kg low-drag general-purpose or
anti-runway bombs,
unguided rocket launchers
Drop Tankers 2 x 500 liters

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