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J-20 - Chinese Stealth Fighter

Crew 1
Length 21.26 Meters (69.75 Feet)
Wing span 12.88 Meters (42.26 Feet)
Canard span 7.62 Meters (25.00 Feet)
Height 4.45 Meters (14.60 Feet)
Empty weight 17 Tons
Loaded Weight? 25 Tons
T-O weight (normal)
Fuel reserve, spec. weight
Max landing weight, kg
Maximum speed (When Powered with WS-15 turbofan engine)
At altitude Mach 2.5 (1903 mph, 3062 km/h)
Supercruise Speed Mach 1.83 (1393 mph, 2442 km/h)
Service Ceiling 20000 Meters (65620 Feet)
Combat Radius 2000 Kilometers (1243 Miles)
Ferry Range 5500 Kilometers (3418 Miles)
Max flight range with internal fuel reserve
Max flight range with one in-flight refuelling
Max T-O run at normal T-O weight (afterburner)
Max landing run at normal landing weight
Load factor limit, g

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