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J-19 (Jianjiji-19 Fighter aircraft 19) / F-19

The J-19 was said by some sources to be a heavy multirole fighter based on the J-11B. Some sources characterized the J-19 as a "heavier version" of the J-11B, while others state it is reportedly a SAC stealthy fighter bomber based on their failed X-XJ-submission. Chinese authorities have not formally released informtion on these developments.

In 2013 a Chinese internet source reported that the Chinese J-19 was carrier-based fighter-bomber, derived from the twin-engine JH-7A fighter-bomber. It is said to weighs 28 tons and have a wingspan of 12.9 meters. This type of aircraft, with Chinese-made guided bombs and ground missiles, would have a combat radius of about 900 km. It could carry four YJ-82 anti-ship missiles, each of the missile weight 715 kg , weight 165 kg warhead, the missile has a range of 120 km, with the radar and the target.

The F-19 (J-19) shipborne fighter-bombers are being designed with engines with greater thrust and more advanced electronic equipment than the land-based JH-7A, modified by adding a tail hook and stronger landing equipment. Now that China has developed the engine required to prove that it is implementing the plan.

By 2014 China J-19 advanced stealth fighter/bomber had been reported by foreign media and exposed by Chinese web users. Stories about it varied. Some said that it is made by Xian Aircraft Company; while others said that it appeared from Chengdu Aircraft Company.

The original J-11 fighter entered service in 1998, but the fighter production was slow, and only made 100. China was disappointed with the performance of outdated Russian electronic equipment. Weighing 33 tons, the J-11A fighter is equipped with modern domestic electronic equipment, can use up to 8 tons of radar-guided air-to-air missiles and smart bombs. The J-11B fighter size and J-11A the same, but the later is equipped with a more powerful active electronic scanning radar (AESA), is designed for the implementation of ground attack mission design, and also have air combat capability.

The Navy is using a enhanced version of the J-11B fighters, that is, F-11BH fighters. US media said in addition, China is still developing a J-11 fighter two-seat attack version, and the US F-15E fighters similar. Basically, the model machine J-16 will be a two-seat J-11B fighter. There is also a stealth version of the F-11B fighters, that is, J-17, its internal bomb bay, and the shape changed, so that the aircraft radar visibility is low.

At present, there are about 200 J-11 fighters are serving, of which about 40% is F-11B fighters. US "Defense News" published the Taipei office director Wendell Minnick entitled "China is developing short vertical takeoff and landing fighter?". The article said that from the military blog revealed the situation, China is likely to have earlier this month to test the J-18 "Red Eagle" short distance vertical takeoff and landing fighter. China's defense industry often to the outside world with the mysterious impression, the relevant information on the Internet and therefore difficult to confirm. However, some of the Chinese military blog has revealed the J-20 "Black Hawk" fighter secret test flight situation, so that foreign media was surprised.

According to Richard Fisher, a deputy director of the International Assessment and Strategic Center in Washington, DC, said he was informed by a Chinese aviation industry practitioner in 2005 that he was Aircraft Industries is planning a project similar to the F-35B stealth fighter.

Taking into account the issue of sea power, China also has the possibility of developing vertical short-range landing fighter aircraft. But at the same time, he also pointed out that in the Chinese blog, there are many reports on the fighter manufacturing project is difficult to confirm. Which includes news that the J-16 stealth fighter aircraft has been in Shenyang Aircraft Industry Corporation (SAC) off the assembly line; and compared to the F-11B (similar to the Soviet Union -27) heavy multi-function fighter, the fighter with more outstanding stealth ability, and equipped with automatic electronic scanning phased array radar and a built-in weapons bay, will be manufactured.

According to reports, the J-19 is a prototype of the heavy-duty F-11B multi-purpose fighter. China's defense industry often leaves the outside world with mysterious impressions, the relevant information on the Internet is therefore difficult to confirm. Taking into account the issue of sea power, China also has the possibility of developing vertical short-range landing fighter aircraft.

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