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Hujiu Class (Auxiliary Ocean Tug)

The Hujiu-class ATA is a twin-stack auxiliary ocean tug was in series production at Wuhu (Wu-ha) Shipyard. The 2600-horsepower marine rescue tug, known as Hujiu by NATO, was designed in the late 1970s and built by the Wuhu Shipyard, Wenchong Shipyard, Donghai Shipyard and other shipyards. There are a lot of constructions. More than 40 ships were built in the 1970s. This time, a small number of civil pictures were compiled, mainly in military and official ships. By 2020, a total of 18 military vessels, 15 salvage systems, and 1 military and trade vessels were in service. The number of other civilian vessels is unknown, and it will not be very few. For the civilian types, there is no classification, mainly because it will be changed more or less when used by the private sector, and there is no need for classification.

These vessels were employed by the Navy and merchant fleet as a standard ocean tug and have supported salvage operations. The 2600HP Ocean Rescue Tug (TA), NATO called (HUJIU) Shanghai Rescue Class, is used for marine towing operations, rescues ships that have run aground, hitting rocks, and have lost maneuverability and return to safety, and have the ability to fire and extinguish ships in distress. Recently, China-Vietnam maritime "conflict" is also commonly present.

The ship is a marine rescue tug made of steel, a single continuous deck, a long bow and a two-story deckhouse, a unique double chimney, and a marine rescue tug driven by twin engines, twin propellers and twin rudders. Four improved versions were built from 1996 to 1999 - Dongtuo 875 (Wuhu), Dongtuo 877, Nantuo 174, and Nantuo 175. The total length was shortened by about 5 meters. The MAN main engine imported and produced by Zhenjiang Diesel Engine Factory was adopted, and the main engine power increased to 2900 horsepower (2160 kW). The main feature is 5 pieces of bridge glass (in fact, Donghaijiu 195-198 is already five pieces of glass, this can not be regarded as a feature, the difference in appearance is still that the length of the mast between the two chimneys has become longer). In the late 2000s (around 2009), there were again 4 improved models entered the navy. The main feature is that the bridge shape has been modified again, and the crane boom has been redesigned. The chimney is different in appearance, and the power is estimated to be no longer 2600 horsepower.

The Type 837 tug with the NATO reporting name Hujiu (meaning Shanghai Rescue in Chinese) is a type of ocean-going tug that China developed for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). Out of a total of 20 ships built for the PLAN in the 1980s by the Wuhu shipyard, 18 are still in PLAN service and all of them still remain active as of the early 2010s.

One Wuhu Shipyard ship was exported to Bangladesh in 1984, and another was sold in 1995. A 3000HP tugboat (1380T factory, full row 1472T, was replaced with 2 1500HP DM13R diesel engines, 2208KW) in March 1984. It is said that another one was sold in 1995 (it cannot be confirmed at present with any accuracy, let alone which one the ship is).

The ships in the type 837 series in PLAN service are labeled with a combination of two Chinese characters followed by a three-digit number. The second Chinese character is Tuo, meaning tug in Chinese, because these ships are tugs. The first Chinese character denotes which fleet the ship is in service with; for example, with East (Dong for East Sea Fleet, North (Bei) for North Sea Fleet, and South (Nan) for South Sea Fleet. However, the pennant numbers may have changed due to the change of Chinese naval ships naming convention.

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