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HQ-61 / RF-61 / SD-1 / Model Type 571 / CSA-N-2

The HQ-61 [Hongqi /Hungchi = Red Leader ] missile is responsible for intercepting jet fighters in the low- to medium-altitudes. The missile's rear control wing is similar to that of the Standard missile made by the United States. This surface-to-air missile can also be used as a ship-to-air antiaircraft missile. Photographs of a November 1995 Chinese Navy exercise offered the first public sighting of this RF-61 (CSA-N-2) surface-to-air missile.

In August 1965, the CSC brought forward the requirement of developing medium and low altitude ground-to-air missile. The No.2 RA assigned Institute No.25 to be in charge of the concept study of the medium and low altitude missile weapon system. In September 1965, being presided over by Wang Wei and Zhong Shan, the preliminary concept of medium and low altitude ground-to-air missile weapon system was worked out and was designated as Hongqi-41.

In January 1966, the CSC decided that the development of medium-low altitude ground-to-air missile weapon system was listed in the national planning and redesignated Hongqi-41 as Hongqi-61 missile in order to reflect the advanced standard of the sixties. In March 1966, Institute No.25 put forward the concept study report of the weapon system and started the pre-development.

The Hongqi-61 missile incorporates technologies of semi-active homing guidance, solid propellant rocket engine, continuous wave radar homing head, semi-active fuse 'and homing fuse, miniature autopilot, hydraulic control, gas turbine engine, chain warhead, single pulse tracking and continuous wave guidance radar, stabilized platform, rotary missile magazine, double connection fitting launcher and missile automatic testing. All these technologies had not only filled the blank of ship- to-air missile, but also had laid foundation for developing the second generation of medium and low altitude ground (Ship)-to-air missile.

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