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Hainan-class coastal ASW patrol craft

The Hainan class boats were built at Shanghai from 1964 on the basis of the Soviet "S01" type. The Hainan is a very dynamic class of boat with capabilities ranging from anti-submarine warfare to scouting to coastal rescue missions. The Hainan class is in the process of being replaced by the newer Haiqing class due to the view within the PLAN of the Hainan being an obsolete class.

A submarine chaser is a kind of light anti submarine corvette, carrying out principally near shore patrol, surveillance, anti submarine and escorting tasks.

In the mid fifties, utilizing the design drawings, materials and equipment for a large submarine chaser transferred from USSR under compensation, the Qiuxin and Dalian shipyards dispatched their workers to Huangpu shipyard building site to assemble the first batch of these submarine chasers.

In October 1959, the Navy requested the development an anti submarine corvette with better performance taking anti submarine combat as the main task and escorting as a supplement. The First Office of Ship Product Design Division of the First MMB took up the overall design task, with Lu Yongsheng, Ma Shoulun as chief and deputy leading designers. After the establishment of the Seventh Academy in 1961, the No.701 Institute completed the technical design.

In 1962, due to the emergent need of convoying and protection of fishing, and considering the difficulty of passing through Taiwan Strait when these boats were built, Dalian shipyard was then assigned the task of producing the boat parts and then sending its staff to Huangpu shipyard in Guangzhou to assemble the lead boat. The follow on ones were built by Huangpu shipyard with its own effort.

The anti submarine corvette was equipped with noise reduction apparatus for the propeller and had good seakeeping and powering characteristics. The first boat was handed over to the Navy in 1963. Later, a number of improvements were made in accordance with the needs of the Navy, her performance was much improved. In Feb. 1975, when the design and the construction of the boat was certified she could already satisfy the needs of the different sea areas of the South and the North.

The long years of Navy employment showed that the tactical technical performance of the boat was good. In January 1974, two of these boats distinguished themselves in action in the Xisha battle of self defense. In 1983 the No.701 Institute together with Qiuxin shipyard successfully developed an improved version of the boat, her performance was improved further.

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