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GT-6 ATGM Launcher

Disclosed in 2012, Norinco's GT-6 TEL features a large erectable mast on a 6-wheeled military truck. The truck was an on-road utility style vehicle, rather than an off road tactical vehcile. The mast included an optical targeting unit and eight ATGMs [the type was not identified]. The benefits of this concept are fully imaginable in desert or forest conflict, the mast of GT-6 TEL can be raised to detect enemy tanks without exposing the 6-wheeled platform. The only part exposed to enemy fire is the mast, which is rather more difficult to spot from an enemy tank.

The concept is similar to a US Army Tank- Automotive Command Laboratory (TACOM) design for an elevated Antitank Missile Launcher Test Rig. This was developed in 1972 to demonstrate the concept feasibility of an advanced vehicle-mounted weapon system that can fire and guide a modem missile system from an elevated tracker assembly while the vehicle is in complete defilade.

The GT-6 is very poorly attested, and nothing much seems to have come of this project. The only novel element was the erectable mast, a rathe simple piece of mechanical engineering, while the rest of the vehicle was entirely off the shelf. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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