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FL-2 Feilong-2 / SY-2 / CSS-N-5 SABBOT

The FL-2 has the same overall configuration as the CSS-N-2, being a miniature aircraft with clipped delta wings, a vertical tail surface and two fins on the underside of the missile, but the fuselage is noticeably slimmer and the vertical tail surface is smaller. There is a small horizontal stabilizer under the rudder. The reduction in size has been achieved by replacing the liquid propellant sustainer with a solid propellant one. The warhead is also reduced in size to 365 kg and several options are reportedly available, including hollow charge.

The FL-2 (also SY-2) may have entered service in 1983, but may no longer be in production.

It was reported in 1996 that Iran had begun indigenous production of a medium-range antiship missile, the FL-10, based on the Chinese FL-2 or FL-7 and developed with Chinese technical assistance.

Several sources report the YJ-16 / C-101 [CSS-C-5 SAPLES] and the SY-2 / FL-2 [CSS-N-5 SABBOT] as being the same missile, but even a superficial examination of photographs represented as representing this missiles indicates that they are apparently un-related.

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