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Jiangkai Type 054B / 4,000-ton foreign trade Frigate

It is a traditional Chinese military industry idea to use the unsuccessful design but not suitable for the PLA's combat system [a "self use" design] as a "foreign trade product". The 054A missile frigate is a 4,000-ton ocean-going warship with anti-submarine and anti-ship, air defense and electronic warfare. It has excellent anti-submarine configuration. However, the 054A first ship has been in service for nearly ten years. During the construction of more than 20 units of the 054A class, it has been continuously improved, but it is only a platform for diesel-fired power. The lack of speed, acceleration and quiet will not be able to meet the future. In response to the needs of US nuclear submarines, in terms of platform design and shipboard systems, the capabilities of Chinese military workers have clearly exceeded the level of 054A. It is a good thing to take over the 054A with a brand new platform. The model of the new frigate might be 054B.

The comprehensive diesel-electricity and fuel-fired power systems of the two major groups of CSSC are mature and the actual demand for anti-submarine warfare means that the next generation of Chinese ocean frigates is likely to be fully electric. Multi-type waterline exhaust warships show that China has fully mastered the high-power diesel waterline exhaust technology. If the new frigate adopts diesel or diesel-electric power, it will adopt this technology. Regardless of whether the integrated electric push uses two sets of 20 MW power systems or multiple sets of 5 MW diesel-electric systems, it will be a huge breakthrough for Chinese ship power.

The Chinese navy heading for the deep blue has higher requirements for anti-submarine warfare. In recent years, China has made great progress in sonar and anti-submarine weapons. The 10-ton direct-20 helicopter platform will also be derived from anti-submarine type after being equipped with the army. At this time, the carrier capacity of the ocean-going drive is still a short-board that needs to be upgraded. The dual hangar appeared on a new configuration of the new frigate platform, which is an additional product of the Navy's ability to pursue the capabilities of the ocean escort carrier. The next-generation ocean frigate will have a large flight deck with dual hangars or a large stand-alone library capable of accommodating two medium-sized anti-submarine helicopters.

New 4000-ton frigate models were exhibited at the Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition. One on the basis of the 054A model, it was changed to the side exhaust and full-shield bow, which is larger than the C28A tonnage. The ability is stronger, Haishu personally believes that this type is more suitable for some high-performance frigates in 2013. For countries with high performance requirements, the design of this type is more mature and reliable. They are also the more advanced mainstream equipment in China.

In 2017, attention from the world’s defence and security industry was in Abu Dhabi as it stages the 13th edition of the International Defence Exhibition and Conference. Retaining the prestigious honour, IDEX 2017 continues to be held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE. The five-day 13th Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition opened on February 23rd. In the defense exhibition, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Bureau of China organized eight military and trade companies to participate in the "China National Defense" national pavilion, and displayed foreign trade weapons and equipment in various fields in various forms.

China Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd. [CSIC] brought a variety of ships. In this exhibition, the surface warships exhibited by CSIC include two types of 4,000-ton missile frigates, two 3,000-ton missile frigates, three-body missile frigates, 1,500-ton light frigates, and 700 tons. Level offshore multi-mission ship, 700-ton dual-body high-speed attack ship, stealth missile boat, etc.

The Chinese foreign trade ship at this defense exhibition finally got rid of the "affordable, functional and practical, low-tech" image, boldly applying advanced technology to make Chinese foreign trade ships become the Middle East customers and even Europe and America. The peers are all eye-catching, and the design concept still maintains the fine tradition of pursuing practicality. High-tech ships that do not deviate from practicality will make Chinese foreign trade ships more competitive in the international market.

Chinese military industry attaches great importance to the reliability of foreign trade equipment. For a long time, the subsystems of foreign trade ships have basically adopted mature active products or more conservative products. The export of weapons from other major military countries tends to rank the advanced nature before reliability, and the natural phase of the explosion of Chinese products is one of the important reasons why Chinese foreign trade ships have long been difficult to enter the high-end market.

There is still a huge gap between China Shipbuilding Industry, China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry and European shipbuilders. Chinese ship design often takes a lot of effort in layout practicality, craftsmanship, electromagnetic compatibility, radar stealth, etc., and rarely pursues aesthetics that are not related to practicality. China's shipborne equipment does not pay attention to aesthetic modification.

CSIC 4,000-ton missile frigate

CSIC 4,000-ton missile frigateThe 4,000-ton missile frigate launched by CSIC is an optimized version of the 3,500-ton missile frigate that had been previously used in Pakistan defense. The hull has been changed to a closed-type long slab, and the over-the-horizon navigation search radar has been improved to make it tonnage. slightly increased. This is a type of advanced missile frigate using a gas-fired power system. It even installs a comprehensive integrated mast equipped with four-sided phased array radar, equipped with C802A anti-ship missiles, 32-unit vertical launch air defense missiles, FL-3000N short-range air defense missiles, etc. Advanced weapons and equipment, the value of the fashion exceeds all foreign duty warhips of the same tonnage.

China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry's 4000-ton foreign trade missile frigate would be burning power, and it was likely to adopt a 20 MW-class integrated fuel-electric power system. A number of 5 MW integrated diesel-electric power systems. This indicated that China had been able to mature the diesel-electric power system and the fuel-fired power system at the same time. In the future, Chinese frigates and even destroyers will not have the ideal power system that is efficient, quiet and fast.

At this year's Abu Dhabi Defense Exhibition, China Shipbuilding Industry and China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. demonstrated some models of ships using integrated RF mast technology. Combined with the models of ships that have already started in China, the integrated RF masts will be applied on warships with different tonnage functions.

China's foreign trade ships have always been born out of the scientific research results of their own ships, are self-use type, the previous generation of foreign trade or internal bidding unsuccessful selection according to customer demand. The electromagnetic compatibility comprehensive test site of Wuhan Huangjiahu has exposed the scale reduction model of the three-body ship, which may mean that the three-body missile frigate participating in the exhibition is the unsuccessful plan for internal bidding. Its configuration and performance should reflect the next generation of ocean frigates in China.

The air-to-air search radar supporting the mid-range air defense missiles of the ship will be phased, and the single-phase phased array radar of the LY-80N system or the four-phase phased array radar of the 4,000-ton frigate of the CSIC may replace the 382 frequency. Scanning the three-coordinate radar has become the standard for the Red Flag-16 follow-up model or the new medium-range air defense missile system. Regardless of the system used for the end-of-air missile guidance, the multi-target interception capability will be significantly improved.

The foreign trade ship born out of the self-use program is equipped with the over-the-horizon-to-the-sea search radar, which means that the over-the-horizon-to-sea search radar will be retained on the next-generation ocean frigate, and the small-scale drive formation will be out against the enemy surface formation. Further development.

The eagle-83J anti-ship missile, Hongqi-16 medium-range anti-aircraft missile, Hongqi-10 short-range anti-aircraft missile, 76 naval gun, 1130 near-anti-aircraft and other active weapons will continue to be adopted by the next generation of ocean frigates, of which the red flag-16 is Deeply improved. The history of the development of modern warships in China has a characteristic that platform crossing and system crossing alternately, which is a steady development idea. Compared with the 054A, the new ocean frigate will complete the platform leap, supplemented by the necessary upgrade of the shipboard system, and the more advanced platform can make the mature weapon exert greater power.

CSSC 4,000-ton missile frigate

CSSC 4,000-ton missile frigateThe 4,000-ton frigate launched by CSSC can be regarded as an enlarged version of the foreign trade star C28A frigate. The hull is lengthened and also changed to a closed long squat structure. The bridge is raised one level, so that the tonnage of the ship has increased. 4000 tons, equivalent to the 054A missile frigate. The ship follows the C28A waterline exhaust technology, and it can be inferred that the ship uses a diesel-wood combination or diesel-electric power system. The ship is equipped with a new type of universal vertical launch system that is hot and cold, and the exhibitors confidently sum up its combat capability with both "attack and defense."

From the "spy photos" of the previous comprehensive electromagnetic compatibility test site and the ship products of several defense exhibitions in recent years, the integrated RF mast technology will be applied to the next generation of ocean frigates in China. It is worth mentioning that the integrated radio frequency mast of the 4,000-ton frigate of CSSC integrates the radar system and the electronic warfare system. In addition, it is equipped with a popular Marconi integrated communication mast in Europe. After watching the defense exhibition report, this design is not the highest level in China. The country is fully capable of integrating communication, identification of the enemy and the enemy on the integrated RF mast.

CSIC 4,000-ton missile frigate

CSSC 4,000-ton missile frigate

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