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FC-1 "Chao Qi" / JF-17 Thunder Specifications

Contractors Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG)
Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC)
Projected [1999]Actual [2004]
LENGTH 13.95 meters14.9679 m
HEIGHT 5.02 meters 4.77485 m
WING SPAN 9.5 meters9.4646 m
MAX T-O WEIGHT 12,500 kilograms 12,474 kg
Empty weight 6,411 kg
Normal takeoff weight 9,072 kg
Maximum landing weight 7,802 kg
Fuel weight 2,268 kg
Weapons load 3,629 kg
Thrust/weight ratio >=0.9
MAX LEVEL SPEED 1031 knotsMach 1.6
MAX RANGE / Ferry range 864 nautical miles2,037 km
SERVICE CEILING 16,000 meters15,240 m
T-O RUN 500 meters609 m
LANDING RUN 700 meters823 m
  • 23 mm GSh-23-2 twin-barrel cannon
  • 6 - PL-7 AAM
  • 6 - PL-10 AAMs
  • ASMs, bombs
  • 23 mm double barrel gun

    Air-to Surface
  • Air to sea missiles
  • MAR-1 – Anti Radiation Missile
  • C-802AK – Multirole Attack Cruise Missile
  • Ra’ad – Stealth Stand off Cruise Missile (Nuclear Capable)
  • CM-400AKG – Hypersonic Carrier Killer
  • CBU-100 – Anti Armor Cluster Bombs
  • GBU-10/12 – LT-2 – Laser Guided Smart Munitions
  • LS-6 – GPS Guided Direct Attack Munitions.
  • Hafr-4 – Anti Runway Bomb
  • Hafr-2 – Electro Optical Guided Glide Bomb
  • LS-Series – Satellite Guided Glide Munitions
  • Takbir Satellite Guided Stand off Munition
  • General purpose bombs
  • Training bombs Air-to-Air
  • 70-100 Km range beyond visual range active missiles
  • SD-10A – Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile
  • Highly agile Imaging infrared short range missiles
  • Dual redundant mission computers
  • Dual redundant 1553 Mux bus architecture
  • Multi-mode Pulse Doppler Radar capable of tracking multiple targets with prioritized firing
  • Ring laser gyro inertial navigation system tied with GPS
  • Smart head up display with up front control panel. SHUD total field of view is 25 Degrees
  • Color video recording camera and video recorder (for SMFCDs)
  • Three smart multi function color displays
  • Air Data Computer
  • Radar Altimeter
  • IFF Interrogator/Transponder
  • Air Combat Manoeuvring Instrumentation (ACMI)
  • BVR/Communication Data link
  • VHF / UHF Communication System
Aerodynamic Configuration
  • Bifurcated side air inlet with incorporation of latest BUMP intake technology for improved performance
  • Leading edge maneuvering flaps
  • Trailing edge flaps
  • Twin Ventral Fins
Landing Gear/b>
  • Nose gear with steering
  • Main gear with paddle controlled hydraulic brakes and anti-skid braking system.
Cockpit Systems
  • NVG compatible cockpit conforming to US MIL Standard, suitable for 3% to 98% percentile range of pilots.
  • Single Piece Stretch Acrylic Transparent Canopy providing a good all around Field of Vie
  • Ejection Seat
  • a- Latest Martin Baker high performance ejection seat
  • b- Canopy Severance System for additional safety
  • c- French Oxygen Regulation System
  • d- Passive Leg Restraint System Environment Control System and Oxygen System
  • Effective control of cockpit pressure and temperature
  • Effective temperature and humidity control of cockpit and avionics for optimum performance
  • Efficient Anti G system for Pilot
  • Oxygen supply duration three hours
Flight Control
  • Composite Flight Control System comprising conventional controls with stability augmentation in roll and yaw axis and fly by wire in pitch axis
  • Quad-redundancy in Fly By Wire System
  • Autopilot with Altitude hold and Attitude hold modes
Fuel System
  • Total internal fuel 5130 lb (3000 liters)
  • Single point pressure refueling system
  • External Fuel
  • a- One centre line drop tank 800 liters
  • b- Two under wing drop tanks 800/1100 liters

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