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Type 904 Dayun "Grand Canal" class Cargo Ship

The Type 904 (NATO reporting name: Dayun class) cargo ships provide food, water, fuel and other supplies to the remote islands in the South China Sea. The Type 904 was developed from the hull of the Type 925 (Dajiang class) ocean salvage/rescue ship. Two hulls were built by the Shanghai-based Hudong Shipyard (now Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard). The first hull Nanyun 951 was delivered in March 1992 and second hull Nanyun 952 was delivered in August 1992.

Some sources refer to the Type 904 as a "multi-product replenishment ship". But in American terminology a multi-product replenishment ship keeps the carrier and escorts stocked with fuel, ammunition/ordnance, consumable stores, and spare parts. Navy fleet units are capable of remaining at sea for prolonged periods of time. Logistics support for fleet units is received by means of underway replenishment (UNREP). The transfer of liquid and/or solid cargo between two ships underway is an UNREP. But the Type 904 is not equipped with fuel and stores rigs for underway replenishment capability.

The Type 904 is 156.2m in length and has a full displacement of 10,975 tons. Powered by two diesels that produce 9,000hp, the vessel has a maximum speed of 22 knots. The vessel carries four small utility boats to ferry personnel and supplies between the mother ship and islands. A helicopter deck at the stern can support a medium size helicopter such as Z-8/Super Frelon. Its armaments include two dual-37mm AAA guns and two dual-25mm AAA guns.

Both vessels were deployed by the PLA Navy South Sea Fleet in support its troops stationed on the Paracel (Xisha) Islands and Spratly (Nansha) Islands. The first vessel Nanyun 951 was later given a new hull number 883. The vessel has been decommissioned and transferred to the PRC Fishery Law Enforcement Agency. The second hull Nanyun 952 has been renamed Jingpohu and now carries a new hull number 884.

Ex-No.883 cargo ship now serves as YUZHENG 21 in the Fishery Law Enforcement Agency (Chinese Internet)

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