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Type 904A / Type 904B - Danyao class (AF Support Ship)

As the 904 supply ship is emergency construction, there were many deficiencies in the design, especially in the high sea conditions, the supply capacity is very limited. Fuxianhu (888) is a fixed-point [ie, island] supply ship built by the Guangzhou Shipyard International (GSI) for the PLA Navy. The ship was launched on 25 December 2006 and commissioned by the South Sea Fleet in 2007. Fuxianhu was based on the hull design and propulsion system of the Qiandaohu (Fuchi) class fleet replenishment ship, but with a smaller displacement (~15,000 tonnes). The ship was designed to transport personnel and supplies from mainland to the remote islands in the South China Sea.

Unlike the normal replenishment ship, Fuxianhu does not have the fuel and stores rigs for underway replenishment. Instead, the ship carries six four landing craft (LCVP) at amidships and two small utility boats at stern to ferry personnel and supplies between the mother ship and shore. The ship replaced the older Dayuan class supply ships built in the 1980s for the similar role. Fuxianhu has a large single-spot flight deck to support one medium-size helicopter such as Z-8 and Ka-28, but has no hanger. Its armament includes a Type 76F twin-37mm AAA gun, with a range of 8.5km for airborne targets.

NATO codename is DANYAO class [Danyao = ammunition]. Support ship built at Guangzhou, and launched on 28 December 2006. The ship is equipped with two pairs of davits, capable of handling small landing craft, and a flight deck for medium helicopters. Potential roles for the ship include resupply of the Spratly and Paracel Islands in the South China Sea. Following sea trials in 2007, the ship is reported to have been commissioned in late 2007 and to be based in the South Sea Fleet.

Rather than fleet replenishment missions, this type combined with comprehensive supply ship in the Chinese Navy as an island replenishment ship, the same as a supply ship, but the primary duty is to transport goods to islands. Because this ship is built like a replenishment ship, the hull and superstructure arrangement is similar to the underway replenishment type. However, the center of the ship has boat davits, fro a total of four units are equipped with a transport craft to land supplies. As large ships cannot approach an atoll, transport craft are used for replenishment of the port facility.

The ship had 76 F type 37 mm twin mount guns, and 14.5 mm twin machine guns mounted on the rear structure. Hangar with a Z-8A transport helicopter was set up, but the Fushun Lake is replaced the hangar with a helicopter flight deck. Fushun Lake is designed with emphasis on military capacities and goods transport capacity to advance base ( Spratly Islands, such as personnel and supplies).

Type 904B fixed-point supply ship

On September 26, 2014, the Guangzhou Shipyard International Shipyard launched the first modified 904B fixed-point supply ship, its basic design and Fuxian Lake similar, but back to the helicopter hangar, to further strengthen the helicopter operating capacity; 904B in July 10, 2015 enlisted, named the mountain Hill (961). In January 2015, internet photos showed the Guangzhou Shipyard International plant there were more 904-type fixed-point supply ship in the construction. As the sovereignty issue intensified between China and Vietnam, the Philippines and other countries in the South China Sea, China also expanded the island of reefs, the island reef fixed supply demand increased, so 904B fixed-point supply ship will continue work.

The biggest differences between the Type 904B supply ship Luguhu (Hull No. 962) and its predecessor Type 904A supply ship Fuxianhu are that, instead of the portal frame type platform, which is specific to the comprehensive supply ship, on the supply ship Luguhu, there are two davits mounted on each side in the middle section of the ship and a hangar which enhances the vertical replenishment capacity. The ship is designed to provide material supply for the troops stationed in the Nansha islands, and undertake such tasks as providing supply for a ship formation and maritime medical aid at a certain degree.

The hull and bridge fuller, the chimney also changed from the previous two, the rear mast is between the two chimney. The installation of the helicopter hangar, apparently in order to stay away from the mainland where the vertical supply is needed. The power system may also be improved.

The 904B-type transport supply ship relative to the A-type has improved performance. Sea supplies are mainly to supplement the warships in combat or sailing in the consumption of oil supplies and so on. Supply the main sub-cargo and dry goods two categories. Liquid cargo is mainly warships of diesel, aviation fuel, machine lubricants, fresh water and so on. Dry goods are mainly a variety of models of ammunition, food, machinery spare parts, spare weapons, additional soldiers, etc. Its displacement is still 15,000 tons, storage of fuel and fresh water more than 10,000 tons, food, ammunition and other materials more than 1,000 tons.

The 904 B-type self-defense firepower has significantly enhanced. The ship and the ship's two 37-mm machine guns, facelift into 2011 just developed H / PJ15 single tube 30 mm hand-mounted naval gun. The gun uses the LLP12A new fire control system developed by Northern Industries 206, with radar and optoelectronic channels, equipped with automatic photoelectric guidance station, all aspects of performance are far above the 37 mm machine gun. The supply ship is also equipped with a number of 14.5 mm machine guns, used to deal with the threat of close range.

The internal facilities are more complete. 904B-type superstructure is much larger, the internal space is also larger, staff living area and equipment are stronger than the older generation. It can not have a complete processing workshop, repair shop, and even a female dedicated cabin.

The ship's self-defense capability is relatively weak, in fact, from the use of 904A point of view, 904B no need to focus on independent combat capability. These supply ships are basically in the first island chain within the supply activities, and these waters is basically the Chinese Air Force's combat power is easy to cover, as the comprehensive supply ship do their own work.

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