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Dalang Class (Submarine Rescue Ship)

These small tug-type vessels are intended for salvage and towing duties, primarily in support of submarines. Could also operate as general salvage ships. When a warship or a civilian ship sails on the sea, there will occasionally be some accidents, such as collision, grounding, loss of power, etc., and the submarine will also have more dangerous situations such as sitting on the bottom of the sea and not being able to float. At this time, it is necessary to have a special ship equipped with rescue equipment to help. Therefore, countries with ships need to build dedicated salvage lifeboats to rescue ships and personnel.

Type 922 salvage lifeboat (NATO called Big Wave). It is the salvage lifeboat class equipped by the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy in the 1970s, but one of the "East Repair 911" is a repair ship. The "Nanxun 503" originally belonging to the South China Sea Fleet was transferred to the Hainan District Fishery and Fishing Port Supervision Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture on November 27, 2006 at the Yulin Base of Hainan Island , and became the largest fishery boat in China. There are a total of 503, 122, 138, 428, 332, 911.

ASR Zhonghua [Dalang I] Type 922

The 922 type ship is a marine salvage life-saving ship with fast closure, stable operation, and operation, safety and reliability. Due to its working characteristics, the types of equipment on the ship are many. The structure of the hydraulic hinge device and the number of mobile salvage rescue equipment are briefly introduced, and the principle of 6 large-scale work is added. The anchors need to be placed in the cabin, so each of the front and rear decks of the ship is provided with a large cargo compartment, and each steel compartment is provided with a pair of steel hatch covers.

The hydraulic hinge device consists of Hinges, joint hinges and hatchbacks usually have poor working conditions for salvaging the lifeboat. They are composed of a hinged arm, a hinged sleeve and a flower chain bushing to ensure smooth operation of the salvage work, performance must be selected for good cargo hatch cover opening and closing device. The hinge arm delivered in 1976 is a box-shaped structure made of copper plate, the side 922 H-type salvage lifeboat and the 922 board delivered in 1987, the top plate is 1.2 mm thick steel plate, and the end sealing plate is j4 mm dish. Type salvage lifeboats use hydraulic hinged hatch covers to open and close thick steel plates. The function of the hinge arm is to evenly rotate the hinge rotation force. After the actual use of the two ships, it is proved that the device is transmitted to the hatch cover to avoid local deformation of the hatch cover.

ASR Dalang II Type 922 II

The Chinese Navy's "Northern Rescue" No. 122 salvage lifeboat was a ship that was commissioned in 1986. Its head and reputation were far less than the salvage lifeboat of the Navy J 121, which was expeditioned to the Antarctic with the "Xiangyanghong" scientific research ship in 1984. Now briefly introduce the situation of the ship. Overall layout and performance "North Rescue" No. 122 salvage lifeboat adopts a flat deck ship type, which is convenient for walking forward and backward. The freeboard is high and the arc of the ship is obvious, which reduces the wave on the deck. The ship's side is thin and the stern is tilted forward. From the bulwark to the side of the hull near the superstructure, there is a drifting out of the hull. This type of line is good for seaworthiness. Below the ship's waterline, there is a ball nose to reduce the wave resistance during navigation. The anchor bolts are left and right, and anchor holes are provided on the side of the ship. The arrangement of the mooring device in this way can not only fix the berth when the rescue is performed, but also prevent the anchor and the anchor chain from colliding with the ball when the anchor is anchored or anchored. The central part of the hull is square, making the space inside the ship large and easy to arrange. The middle part of the hull is the engine room, before and after the engine room..

Ship typeSalvage ship
Ownership People's Republic
CodeNATO code: big waves
Front typeHudong
SubtypeBig east
Quantity6 ships
Manufacturing plantHuangpu Shipyard, Wuhu Shipyard
Start work1972
serviceNovember 1975 -
situationactive duty
Technical data
Standard displacement4500 tons
full length115 meters
Full width14.6 meters
Draught4.3 meters
power2 diesel engines
power4000 horsepower
Maximum speed16 knots
Endurance distance8,000 nautical miles
Crew180 people
Detective systemSurface radar
Weaponry 4 double-mounted 37 mm cannon
2 24.5 mm machine gun

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