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CY-01V Huaying UAV System

Chunyi CY-01 UAVs are Chinese UAVs developed by Beijing Chunyi Aviation Science and Technology Co., Ltd.. Many of them have entered service with Chinese military governmental establishments. Beijing Chunyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. At present, the company has large-scale composite material production workshops, design workshops, drone assembly workshops, large-scale machining workshops, and multi-function halls for demonstration of various models. Chunyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, research and processing of unmanned aircraft and target aircraft design, research and development, composite material manufacturing technology, structural technology, and drone control technology.

The CY-01V UAV uses an inverted V tail push the layout engine, aerodynamic efficiency is relatively high, quick and easy assembly, easy transport. Mining the entire body aircraft with advanced composite manufacturing processes, structural strength, good fatigue impact resistance, long life and aesthetic appearance. CY-01 uses piston gasoline engine, heavy flight load, fast speed, long time and strong anti-interference performance. CY-01H, according to user needs, using roll / catapult, roll / parachute landing Landing other ways. If it adopts catapult takeoff and parachute landing, it can be flexibly applied to a variety of geographical environments.

Huaying UAV equipped with visible light camera or infrared camera can realize real-time video surveillance of the task area. This function is mainly used in a variety of monitoring areas such as air command, oil and power patrol lines, forest fire prevention, and emergency rescue.

The drone is equipped with a high-resolution aerial digital camera, which can collect high-resolution image information of the mission area. After returning to the ground, it can be stitched into large-area high-resolution image data by post-processing. This function is mainly used in land planning, disaster assessment, resource assessment, and other fields.

CY-01 UAV can be equipped with spectrum detector remote sensing equipment to meet the data detection requirements of the mission area. UAV remote sensing monitoring system equipped with high-precision digital imaging equipment, has the technical capabilities of continuous coverage of the ground surface, vertical or oblique imaging, the spatial resolution of acquired images reaches the decimeter level, suitable for 1: 2000 or larger topographic map And orthophoto production, so it has high-resolution remote sensing image data acquisition capabilities. In addition, the UAV remote sensing monitoring system has low operating costs, short training time for flight operators , and simple use, storage, and maintenance of the system.

Achieve communication relay function, quickly restore local communication on site. The drone can be used as a convenient communication repeater, which can build an invisible information "bridge" between the command center and the scene, and quickly constitute an emergency local area wireless communication network.

CY-01V UAV system consists of two sets of flying platform (each set UAV body comprises a complete flight control systems and associated equipment, and can be put into use at any time independently), a set of ground control systems (including Computers, control software, other ground support equipment).

length 2.3m
wingspan 2.9m
wing area 0.96 m2
Machine height 66cm
Empty weight 10kg
Payload = 5 kg
Fuel load 3L / 6L
Takeoff weight 20kg
Level flying speed 80-150km / h
Maximum ceiling 4000m
Flight radius 150km
Cruising speed 110km / h
Life time =1.5 h (can be customized according to customer needs)
provides power 4.0 kW reciprocating gasoline engine
Wind resistance Level 6
Takeoff roll, eject
landing running

CY-01V Huaying UAV System CY-01V Huaying UAV System CY-01V Huaying UAV System

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