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CS/VN9 120mm auto-load self-propelled mortar
CS/SM-4 120mm rapid-fire mortar

In order to comply with the military trade market, a 120mm mortar system without a turret for foreign trade has also been developed in China. Countries attach importance to the construction of battalion-level combat troops, and it is generally believed that the 120mm mortar is better than the traditional 105mm howitzer. In the 21st century, according to the changes in the international environment and security situation, the situation of high-intensity confrontation, continuous attack on the ground and large corps operations seems unlikely to occur. Local wars and low-intensity armed conflicts are relatively common, and various military powers have carried out army forces. The transformation of the army began to pay attention to the structural adjustment of the small establishment, especially the construction of the battalion-level combat force. The 120mm caliber mortar (mortar) is very powerful, moderate in range, and diverse in ammunition. It is very suitable for various mobile platforms to achieve high mobility, digitization and command automation. Therefore, all countries use them as battalion-level operations. The accompanying support firepower of the troops is used and focused on development. In recent years, new models have emerged one after another, each with its own technical characteristics.

North Industries Corporation used the WMZ551 6X6 armored vehicle platform to install SM-4 120mm rapid-fire mortars. After the modification, the vehicle weighs 17 tons, has a pitch angle of 45-80 degrees, and uses HE/PFHE, Cargo, and RA/HE ammunition. The maximum range is 7.5, 7.3, and 13 kilometers respectively. The vehicle can carry 30 rounds of various artillery shells, the maximum highway speed is 100 kilometers per hour, and the secondary weapon is a 12.7 mm machine gun. The company also recently developed the GP4 120mm mortar-fired end-corrected guided projectile. It adopts semi-active laser guidance, weighs 18 kilograms, and has a maximum range of 6 kilometers. It is usually used for W-86 120mm mortars. The laser irradiator has an irradiation distance of 5 kilometers.

SM4 is an economical 120mm self-propelled mortar system launched by NORINCO in recent years, but the economical type mentioned here is relative to the other 120 self-propelled mortars and mortars of NORINCO. Itís not that SM4ís performance is low-end. In fact, its degree of automation and completeness of fire control are quite high, even when compared with the MCV-B wheeled 120 self-propelled mortar equipped by the US Stryker Brigade. The vehicle uses the WZ551 chassis with good performance in foreign trade and is mature and reliable as the vehicle. The rear crew compartment is changed to an artillery battle room. The battle room is equipped with a manual loading 120mm mortar, but compared with ordinary mortars, the gun is equipped with a hydraulic buffer with better anti-recoil performance, so it has less impact on the chassis when shooting. The whole gun is placed on a 360-degree rotating gun mount. At the same time, a drive motor is installed on the gun body and the gun mount, which can automatically complete the shooting direction and elevation angle under the control of the fire control system, as a backup. The handwheel used for manual drive has also been retained.

In order to improve the fire response speed and strike effectiveness of the whole gun, SM4 is equipped with a complete fire control system, which includes a fire control computer installed on the side wall, a gunner information terminal, and a sighting terminal installed on the left side of the artillery. The machine, the positioning and orientation navigator installed on the gun mount and the gun body, the elevation sensor, the azimuth sensor and other equipment. The gunnerís terminal can communicate with the command post/vehicle through high-speed data radio. The command post/vehicle can plan firepower based on the target information returned by the front observation post or the drone, and distribute the target coordinate information to each vehicle. The gun commanderís terminal automatically calculates the firing elements based on the received target information and the coordinate information of the vehicle. The aiming terminal completes the adjustment of the gun based on the calculated elements, and then evacuates after firing and enters the next position for another round.

With the aid of the fire control system, the gun can strike various point and surface targets within a distance of 500 meters to 13 kilometers. Because there is an ammunition rack that can store about 36 to 42 rounds of shells at the right rear of the fighting room. Therefore, the continuous cover ability of the gun's bicycle is not bad. In terms of ammunition, in addition to ordinary 120mm mortar shells, buyers can also choose to import some of the 120mm laser-guided or satellite-guided shells exhibited at the Zhuhai Air Show. The SM4 can be used for precision strike missions. At the same time, NORINCO also has 120mm terminally sensitive mortar shells that can perform anti-tank missions are available, so the gunís mission flexibility is still very large. However, SM4 is not as good as the other CS/VN9 auto-loading 120mm self-propelled mortar and CS/SM2A 120mm mortar launched by the North Industries Corporation in terms of informatization and automation. Of course, this is the same as the user. The wallet and demand are related, after all, the performance of SM4 alone is actually a high-end equipment in the African continent.

At the beginning of 2019, good news came from Chinaís military industry. The SM4 120mm self-propelled mortar launched by China's North Industries Corporation was first confirmed to have been successfully exported to Algeria in North Africa. In the "Volcano-2019" multi-arms joint exercise held by the Algerian Army last week, the SM4 equipped with the Artillery Unit of the 36th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, the 8th Armored Division of the Second Military Region of the Army, was made public for the first time. And because of the excellent performance of the artillery in the exercise, Ahmed Vaid Saleh, President and Deputy Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Afghanistan, specially visited the SM4 Artillery Unit after the exercise.

As a traditional buyer of Chinaís foreign trade equipment, Algeria has imported a lot of weapons and equipment from China in recent years. There are already 4 types of artillery including SM4, and the other three are PLZ-45 type 155 self-propelled grenade. The gun system, the W86 120mm mortar and the SR-5 multi-caliber modular rocket launcher, of which the W86 seems to have also introduced a production line and developed its domestic vehicle-mounted 120 mortar based on it. In addition, Rainbow 3 and Rainbow 4, which performed well in the Middle East battlefield, also settled in Algeria. Coupled with equipment such as the land electronic warfare system exported by CLP and the C28A frigate exported by China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, it can be said that the entire Algerian army is full of Chinese elements. And at last yearís Zhuhai Air Show, the author also encountered a large Algerian military visit group. They also showed a strong interest in a variety of domestic equipment such as the Red Arrow 10. I believe that there will be more in the future. Many excellent domestically produced equipment will appear in the military of countries in the Middle East and Africa.

CS/VN9  120mm auto-load self-propelled mortar / CS/SM-4 120mm rapid-fire mortar CS/VN9  120mm auto-load self-propelled mortar / CS/SM-4 120mm rapid-fire mortar CS/VN9  120mm auto-load self-propelled mortar / CS/SM-4 120mm rapid-fire mortar

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