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NORINCO CS/SM1 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar

Based on the combat proven 81 mm rapid mortar system, in 2012 NORINCO presented a new 81 mm self-propelled rapid mortar system. North Industries Corporation installed an 81mm rapid-fire gun on the warrior vehicle and called the vehicle CS/SM1. The vehicle weighs 4.1 tons and has a maximum road speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The artillery has a range of 6.2 kilometers and a minimum range of 800 meters. The pitch angle is -4 degrees to +85 degrees. By mounting the whole 81 mm rapid mortar on a 4x4 high mobility vehicle, CS/SM1 provides superior lethelity and mobility in quick assault operations. The main role of the 81 mm self-propelled mortar is to suppress and neutralize targets impeding motorized infantry troops. It can also execute smoke blinding, incendiary and illuminating operations.

The Chinese CS/SM1 vehicle-mounted 81mm rapid-fire mortar is a breech-loaded, long-barreled mortar. The barrel is installed on the cradle and connected with the brake and recoil machine. The automata for forward strike and click firing includes breech block, hydraulic buffer, ammunition transporter, reloading device, tightening mechanism, etc. The walking part includes lower frame, large frame, locking device, shock-absorbing device, etc. The steering gear is driven by a motor and equipped with a fire control computer, which can realize automatic calculation of ballistic elements and rapid adjustment of the direction of the gun.

The CS/SM1 vehicle-mounted 81mm rapid-fire mortar has a wide range of combat applications. It can be used for combat in cities, deserts, plains, mountains and other terrains, with strong maneuverability. With magazine loading, it can be curved and flat, either single shot or burst shot. The maximum range is 6 kilometers, and 4 shots can be fired in 2 seconds. The sudden intensive firepower can destroy the back of the shelter and the reverse slope. The enemy target provides fire support for the infantry unit.

CS/SM1 is equipped with WS87 81mm mortar grenade, steel ball, incendiary bomb, and smoke bomb. Taking advantage of the curved trajectory of the mortar, the gun can not only attack active forces, firepower points, and positional offensives, but also attack various targets hidden behind bunkers, canyons, mountains, jungles and other undulating terrain. It is suitable for regular military equipment. , Is also very suitable for guerrilla operations.

CS/SM1 uses 4 rounds of magazines to automatically feed ammunition, and is equipped with a single-fire and continuous-fire conversion device. In the first shot, the gunner manually opened the bolt, then chose the single shot or burst shooting mode, loaded the magazine, operated the gun and fired. After shooting, the latch is automatically opened, and the next magazine can be loaded and launched. The CS/SM1 rapid-fire mortar has heat-dissipating threads on the barrel. The CS/SM1 rapid-fire mortar has a 360 firing range and can shoot at a large angle. The type of ammunition used is the 87-type 81mm long-range killing mortar shell, which has a burst firing speed of 4 rounds/2 seconds, a combat fire rate of 40 rounds per minute, a maximum range of more than 6,000 meters, and an effective direct firing distance of 400 meters.

The chassis of the CS/SM1 rapid-fire mortar is a Dongfeng "Mengshi" 44 high-mobility vehicle. The model has two series of long and short heads, single and double row soft and hard tops, slip-back soft and hard tops, and van-type hard tops. , 8 main models of high hard top. The tarpaulin and side windows of the single-row soft-top vehicle can be removed. The light and heavy machine guns can be installed after the front windshield is overturned. The soft and hard-top vehicle has a platform and pedals in the center, and the top can be equipped with a heavy machine and high machine grenade launcher. The weapon turntable has a missile launch platform in the rear box, forming a light and highly mobile wheeled combat system. The maximum road speed can reach 125 kilometers per hour, and the maximum road travel distance is more than 600 kilometers. It can be seen that the CS/SM1 rapid-fire mortar has good tactical maneuverability and can quickly enter or withdraw from positions to achieve the tactical purpose of "quick response, hit and run".

The CS/SM1 vehicle rapid-fire mortar can be equipped with airborne troops, special forces, rapid reaction forces, marines, etc. It is mainly used for combat operations such as rapid assaults, airborne behind enemy lines, roundabouts, urban street fighting, etc., using its sudden and violent curved shooting Peaceful firepower to provide firepower support for the attacking squad.

Caliber 81.4 mm
Ammunition 81 mm rapid mortar HE bomb
Combat weight 4.8 t
Maximum road speed 100 km/h
Cruising range 550 km
Ammunition capacity 64 rds
Maximum firing range 6200 m
Minimum firing range 800 m
Elevation -1 to +85
Traverse 360
Feed 4-round clip
Maximum rate of fire 4 rds (one clip)/2s
NORINCO CS/SM1 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar NORINCO CS/SM1 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar NORINCO CS/SM1 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar NORINCO CS/SM1 81mm self-propelled rapid mortar

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