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CH-7 Rainbow-7

On 05 November 2018, China Rainbow Drone Co., Ltd. exhibited the full-size model of “Rainbow 7” large-scale stealth flying wing drone “Rainbow 7” at the Zhuhai Air Show for the first time. This is the first public display in the world. This type of drone is China's first large-scale stealth long-endurance drone, and its performance is similar to that of the US X-47B drone. Rainbow-7 is a high-altitude, subsonic, long-haul drone that is used for strategic level information protection, high-value targets, continuous reconnaissance of enemy forces, air defense suppression, and alert detection.

The Rainbow-7 (CH-7) high-altitude long-haul stealth drone system was unveiled for the first time at the air show. The CH-7 drone has a length of 10m, a wingspan of 22m, a maximum takeoff weight of 13,000kg, a cruising altitude of 10~13Km, and a cruising speed of zero. 5-0.6Ma, maximum flight speed 0. 75Ma.

The CH-7 high-altitude long-range stealth unmanned combat aircraft system is a high-altitude, high-speed, stealth, long-haul unmanned reconnaissance strike system that can perform continuous reconnaissance, alert detection, air defense suppression, combat support, and launch in high-risk environments. Or guide other weapons to launch high-value targets and other combat missions.

Rainbow-7 is a high-altitude, subsonic, and stealth drone. At present, Rainbow-7 is currently in the detailed design stage. It was claimed to have strong stealth and penetration capabilities. Rainbow-3, Rainbow-4, and Rainbow-5 adopted the traditional unmanned structure. The Rainbow-7 adopts a flying wing configuration with typical stealth characteristics, so it has strong stealth performance. With the breakthrough in aerodynamic shape, the flight control must also break through because of the need to break through the control technology of the tailless wing configuration.

In terms of power, it uses a turbofan engine that can meet its high-altitude and high-speed targets. The successful development of Rainbow-7 will make China one of the few countries in the world with high-altitude, high-speed and invisible UAV development capabilities. Internationally, there are similar performances in the United States, such as RQ-180, X-47B, and European "Neuron". After the successful development of Rainbow-7, it will have the same performance as these models.

It is said that the main consideration of the aircraft is "to meet the needs of future symmetrical operations for high-end stealth unmanned combat aircraft." In other words, this is designed for military conflicts under the conditions of future “great power competition”. Although according to the introduction of Rainbow Company, the UAV has no clear intention of foreign users, and the first is to develop for the domestic market. However, as one of the two major drone manufacturers that have expanded in the international market in recent years, the emergence of Rainbow 7 is still enough to cause a huge commotion.

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