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C-802 / YJ-2 / Ying Ji-802 / CSS-C-8 / SACCADE
C-8xx / YJ-22 / YJ-82


  • "Missiles, China Has Them too! Introduction of Finest PLA Missile Series" Hong Kong Wen Wei Po 1 Jun 99 p A5 [Wen Wei Po Outlines PLA Missile Series : FBIS-CHI-1999-0622 : 01 Jun 1999]
  • "Speed Up the Progress of Basic Model, Then Serialization, and Work Hard To Develop China's Cruise Missile Industry" by Wang Jianmin, president of the 3rd Academy of CASC, and Zhang Zuocheng, secretary general, Science and Technology Committee of the Academy -- Beijing ZHONGGUO HANGTIAN [AEROSPACE CHINA] in Chinese, Sep 96 No9, pp 12-17 [President of CASC's Third Academy Details Contribution of HY-2, C601, C801 Cruise Missile Series : FBIS-CST-97-002 : 1 Sep 1996]
  • CHINESE ARMS EXPORTS TO IRAN By Bates Gill MERIA MidEast Review of International Affairs Volume 2, No. 2 May 1998

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