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Aviation Industries of China (AVIC-I)

No.67 Jiaodaokou NakaJie, 
Beijing China   100712
Tel: 8610-64032115
Fax: 8610-64013648

On 01 July 1999, in an effort to become more competitive, China established ten new state-owned aviation corporations, including splitting AVIC (Aviation Industry of China), which had 560,000 employees, into AVIC I and II. AVIC I and II are both cooperators and competitors. AVIC I AND II were equal economic entities authorized by the state to make investments, operating as a state holding company under the direct supervision of the Central Government. The scope of business for AVIC I and AVIC II looked similar, but had a different emphasis. Generally speaking, AVIC I focused on large- and medium-sized aircraft while AVIC II gave priority to feeder aircraft and helicopters.

AVIC I mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales services of military and civil aircraft, engines, airborne equipment, weaponry systems. They also produce non-aviation products. Military products include fighters, fighter-bombers, bombers, transports, trainers and reconnaissance aircraft. Fighters in mass production are F7, F8 and their derivatives. Bombers include the H5 and H6 series. Trainers include the FT6, FT7, and HJ5. Civil aircraft include the Y7 and its derivatives, which are short to medium range transport aircraft. Non-aviation products include more than 3000 different types of products in 8 major categories including industrial gas turbines, automobiles, motorcycles, refrigerating machinery and environmental protection equipment. AVIC I services include aircraft leasing and general aviation services, geotechnical engineering, construction contracting and real estate.

AVIC I had 53 large- and medium-sized industrial enterprises, 31 research institutes, 19 specialized companies and institutions respectively engaged in foreign trade, material supply, scientific research and product development. Nearly 240 thousand people are employed in industrial enterprises while 45,000 more employees work in research institutes. Total assets are RMB 34.9 billion.

Examples of AVIC I enterprises include Chengdu Aircraft Company, Xian Aircraft Company, Nanchang Aircraft Company, Shenyang Aircraft Company and their National Trade Bureau. Parts for Boeing jetliners and other non-Chinese aircraft are made at these facilities. Y-7 and military aircraft are also under the responsibility of AVIC I. AVIC I & II each hold 50% of CATIC (China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation) shares. Shenyang Aircraft Corporation Chengdu Aircraft Industrial Corporation Xian Aircraft Company Marketing

AVIC-I Companies

  • AVIC1 Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd. (ACAC)


    Aircraft Assembly

    • Changzhou Aircraft Manufacture Company Ltd.
    • China National Guizhou Aviation Industry Group
    • Guizhou Aviation Industries Corporation (GAIC)
    • Longyan Aircraft Manufacturing Factory of GAIC
    • Shanghai Aviation Industry (Group) Company
    • Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Factory
    • Shuangyang Aircraft Manufacturing Factory of GAIC
    • Yunma Aircraft Manufacturing Factory


    • Changzhou Lan Xiang Machinery Works
    • Chengdu Engine (Group) Company
    • Guizhou Liyang Aero-engine Corporation of GAIC
    • Honglin Machinery Corporation of GAIC
    • Liyang Aero Engine Corporation of GAIC
    • Shanghai Aero-Engine Corporation
    • Shenyang Liming Aero Engine Group Corporation
    • Xi'an Aero-engine (Group) Ltd.


    • Anda Forging Plant of GAIC
    • Anji Foundry of GAIC
    • Beijing Keeven Aviation Instrument Co., Ltd.
    • Beijing Shu Gang Electrical Machinery Factory
    • Beijing Qingyun Aviation Instrument Company
    • Changfeng Machinery Plant
    • China Aviation Standard Parts Manufacturing Corporation of GAIC
    • Chengdu Aero-Instrument Corporation
    • Fengyang Hydraulic General Factory of GAIC
    • Guiyang Aviation Hydraulic Component Factory of GAIC
    • Guiyang Electrical Machinery Plant of GAIC
    • Guiyang Huafeng Electrical Appliance Factory of GAIC
    • Guiyang Qianjiang Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Guizhou Hongyang Machinery (Group) Corporation of GAIC
    • Guizhou Leach-Tianyi Aviation
    • Hanjiang Machinery Plant
    • Hefei Wanan Machinery Factory
    • Honghu Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Honglin Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Hongyuan Aviation Forging & Casting Industry Company
    • Hongwei Machinery Factory
    • Huanyu Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Huayang Electrical Factory of GAIC
    • Huaxing Aircraft Wheel Corporation
    • Jianghan Aviation Life-Support Industry Corporation
    • Jianghuai Aviation Instrument Factory
    • Jincheng Group Corporation, Ltd
    • Luoyang Aviation Electrical Factory
    • Luoyang Nanfeng Aviation Precision Electro-Machinery Company
    • Luoyang Xinghua Electric Appliance Manufacturing Corporation
    • Pingshui Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Pingyuan Machine Factory of GAIC
    • Shanghai Aero-Electrical Appliance Factory
    • Shanghai Avionics Corporation
    • Shaanxi Qinling Aeroelectric Company
    • Shenyang Xinhua Electric Appliance Factory
    • Southwest Tooling General Factory of GAIC
    • Taihang Instruments Factory
    • Tianyi Electro-Technical Factory of GAIC
    • Wanjiang Elecro-Mechanical Factory of GAIC
    • Weihong Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Xi'an Aeronautical Machinery Corporation
    • Xi'an Yuandong Company
    • Xin'an Machinery Factory of GAIC
    • Xinhang Aeronautical Machinery Corporation of GAIC
    • Yonghong Machinery Factory of GAIC

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