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6x6 Armored Security Vehicle

The first pictures of a new 6X6 armored vehicle appeared online in 2014, and again in 2017. The details of this vehicle, such as the actual Chinese designation, the enterprises working on the project, and the goals of the program, are entirely obscure. Several subsequent pictures of the new 6X6 armored vehicle appeared, but the details are different. One variant has sloped sides, and the other vertical slab side armor. The difference between the two is in the details of the rearview mirror, the armor arrangement, and the body side door. From this, it should be that two different models are being tested.

Because there are too few pictures of the first type of vehicle, and the entire body and turret are not exposed, the second vehicle is said first. It seems that this 6X6 armored vehicle uses a conventional 6x6 armored vehicle design, and the driver and the commander are located in the front of the vehicle body. Instead of the traditional side-opening armored doors on Chinese armored vehicles, the crew members in and out of the vehicle use the hydraulic springboard at the rear of the vehicle. This is a more westernized design. The front of the car body is equipped with a foldable wave shield and an obstacle-breaking shovel for amphibious driving.

This new vehicle may be a police armored vehicle developed for the internal security forces, including the Armed Police Force, and can perform a variety of tasks such as peacekeeping rescue and counter-terrorism. As for why a new 6X6 armored vehicle is needed, one is that the performance of the WZ551 series armored vehicle cannot meet the needs, and the other is that it has absorbed the experience and lessons of peacekeeping and anti-terrorism tasks over the years and needs a new armored vehicle.

The WZ551 wheeled armoured personnel carrier is the first wheeled armoured personnel carrier in China. It solved the immediate problem, but the performance is not good and there are inherent shortcomings. Its chassis and engine are civilian products, which are produced based on the Mercedes-Benz 2030 7.5-ton off-road vehicle imported from Germany (the domestic model is the Southwest Automobile Factory TiemaCX22006X6 heavy-duty truck) and the Deutz air-cooled diesel engine series. It is said that the WZ551 armored vehicle is not designed as a military vehicle as a whole.

The WZ551 uses the chassis of Mercedes-Benz 2030 (TM2030) off-road truck. The armored vehicle is built around the chassis. Due to the limitation of the chassis, WZ551 is not satisfactory in terms of load, which limits all aspects of WZ551, including armor, weapons and modification space. It is rumored that the load limit of WZ551 is 20 tons, which cannot meet the PLA's needs for the systemization of wheeled armored vehicles. Therefore, when the 08-type 8X8 infantry fighting vehicle appeared, WZ551 began to retreat from the PLA to the second line, except for the PLL05 120mm self Mortars and some other models are still in service, most of the other WZ551 series are delivered to the armed police and peacekeeping forces.

Photos of the new Chinese armored personnel carrier with a 6x6 wheel formula were published on 04 February 2020. It is reported that, in the first place, the new armored personnel carrier is intended to equip and rearm the units of the People’s Armed Police of China and the PLA peacekeeping contingents.

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