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ASN-205 UAV (Xian NPU) Xian ASN Technology

The ASN-205 is a fixed-wing UAV, which first appeared in 2009. Intended as the successor to the Xian Technology ASN-104/5 series, the first indigenously-designed piston-engine UAV for army service which was deployed in the late 1980s. ASN-205 UAV and follow-ons were developed by Xi'an Aisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd. ASN Technology Group Co., Ltd., also known as Northwestern Polytechnic University UAV Research Institute of 365 Institute, founded in 1984.

ASN-205 is a fixed wing UAV that first appeared on September 6, 2009, during the practice parade of the 60th anniversary of the parade on October 1, 2009. ASN-205 is intended as the successor to earlier ASN-104/105 series.

Xian’s Northwest Polytechnic University (NPU) ASN-205 was China ’s first new advanced UAV. Several new UAV’s also apparently appeared in the September 6th. 2009 practice parade for the 60 th. anniversary parade for October 1, 2009 . China had previously developed the ASN-104 and ASN-105 UAV’s with the present ASN-205 serving primarily as a target drone while the ASN-206 is today’s primary reconnaissance UAV. China is known to be aggressively developing many different kinds of UAV’s following the West’s developments. The technology for the ASN-104 and ASN-105 appear to have been cooperatively shared with Pakistan . Several new UAV’s also apparently appeared in the Chinese 60 th. anniversary practice parade of September 6, 2009 . They were possibly the ASN-205 and ASN-206 types.

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