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ARJ21 Xiang Feng [Flying Phoenix]

ARJ21-700 Standard ARJ21-900 Stretched
Standard Seating Capacity90105
Wing Span27.288 m
Length Overall33.464 m
Height Overall8.442 m
Wing Area79.86 m2
Wing Sweep Angle25
Track4.68 m
Wheel Base14.878 m
Max. Fuel Capacity13231 Liters
Operating Weight Empty (kg/lb)24,955 / 55,017
Max. Take-off Weight (kg/lb)40,500 / 89,288
Max. Landing Weight (kg/lb)37,665 / 83,038
Max. Zero-Fuel Weight (kg/lb)33,890 / 74,715
Max. Payload (kg/lb)8,935 / 19,698
Max. Usable Fuel *(kg/lb)10,386 / 22,897
Engines2 CF34-10A
Max. Cruise SpeedM0.80M=0.80
Normal Cruise SpeedM0.78
Initial cruise Altitude35000 ft
Take-off Field Length1,700 m
Landing Field Length1,600 m
One Engine out Ceiling6,200 m
Range with 90 Pax.1,200 nm
economic life 60,000 flying hours /
20 years

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