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Anshan-class Destroyer

In 1954 the first destroyer unit of the people's Navy was born. The Anshan-class consisted of four Gordy-class Soviet destroyers. The four destroyers imported from the Soviet Union were respectively named: "Anshan," "Fushun," "Changchun," and "Taiyuan." At that time, they were the most powerful surface fighting ships of the people's Navy. These obsolete ships were all stricken by the early 1990s.

In the late 1960s, China began testing its long-range rockets for the Chinese space program, as well as the ICBM(intercontinental ballistic missile) program. The People's Liberation Army Navy operated only four ex-Soviet Gnevny class destroyers (Anshan) class in PLAN service) at the time, which were unsuitable for long-range ocean recovery missions. The 701 institute was instructed to develop China's first indigenous guided missile destroyer, modelled after the Soviet Kotlin class. The design was approved in 1967, and construction of the first Type 051 Luda class destroyer began in 1968.

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