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Force of Submarines / Fuerza de Submarinos

The Force of submarines is comprised of submarines, SS O'Higgins and 'Race' in the Scorpène class, the most modern of its kind in the world, as well as the SS "Simpson" and "Thomson", German construction of the U-209 class submarines. This force also belongs the mother ship of submarines 'Admiral Merino', fundamental piece in the logistics of the force, as well as the corresponding infrastructure in its base port, Talcahuano. Its mission, to deter any threat against maritime interests of Chile and of territorial integrity, as well as its defense in case of conflict, can transform into a lethal and surprising threat to a potential adversary.

July 3, 1917 marks the beginning of the specialty of submarines, date in which Rear Admiral Luis Gomez Carreño, Commander in Chief of the Division of underwater then flying national flag aboard the six combat units type "Holland" at the Naval Base of Charlestown in Boston. Since then a large group of officers and seafarers has led the prized piocha over her heart, which reproduces the silhouette of the submersible class "Or" incorporated into the service in 1930. However, in 1939, the then Director General of the Navy, Vice Admiral Julio Allard Pinto, who had been second Commander of the submarine H-5, arranged that he calls on July 4 as the anniversary date.

While the submarine force was hit hard by the 2010 tsunami, their operational capacities remain intact, which allowed them to continue with their programme of activities established with the dependent of the naval operations command controls. His itinerary included be present in Valparaiso for the departure of the tall ships that participated in the bicentennial Regatta and the city of Antofagasta, to commemorate the naval combat of Iquique and Punta thick. For the second semester, together with continuing training exercises, also the stage of recovery of the damaged infrastructure will begin.

The submarine force has a past nurtured by milestones, a recognized prestige at national and international level, which is given by their level of training, operate with most modern conventional submarines in the world, "O'Higgins" and "Race", and the modernization of SS "Thomson" with national and international technology, making it one of the best equipped in its class submarines. What is complemented by the ability that has the mother submarines (BMS) "Merino" ship to be present in humanitarian support operations, as it was in Puerto Aysen, Chaitén and during the emergency from February 27. Its present is marked by the challenge that constitutes the fulfilment of duty, the technological development and its impact on the operational capacity. In both, his future envisions promising professionally for the new generations of divers, who to be "warrior of the depths" must possess mystical, temple and special spirit, which coupled with the will to overcome difficulties and challenges, gives a style to meet their obligations and prepare for challenges.

BACH O'Brien
BACH Thompson
BACH O'Higgins

BMS = Buque Madre de Submarinos = Submarine Mother-ship

BACH Angamos
BACH Jose Toribio Merino

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