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LST-93 Valdivia

By late 2010, according to statements at the opening of the Expo Naval in Valparaiso, the Navy had decided to replace the VALDIVIA since this ship needed repairs at a cost of US$15,000,000. On the morning of Friday 14 January 2011 the de-commissioning ceremony of the naval service of the LST "Valdivia" was held on the flight deck, after 15 years at the service of the Navy of Chile, and almost 40 years of combined US/Chilean service. The activity was presided over by the General Director of the services of the Navy, Vice Admiral Federico Niemann Figari and was assisted on the part of the high Naval command, former commanders of the unit and special guests.

The Commander of the ship, Captain of Navío Alfredo Whittle, directed the last provision of the "Valdivia" and guests "there is no other unit that has contributed so much to our maritime strategy as LST "Valdivia", since the military role as a strategic projection ship, transported thousands of Marines and hundreds of vehicles of the armed forces alone. In its role of support for foreign policy, she participated in combined exercises and transported troops and materiel to materialize our involvement in Haiti. Finally, in the role of supporting the socio-economic development, "Valdivia" has shipped hundreds of tons of food and materials to areas without available ports, especially in island Territories, and made decisive humanitarian aid in disaster areas."

He continued indicating "in January 2010 I was given the command of this amphibious unit, without suspecting the intense that would be this year in which our barge would especially to test this tradition of nobility of the material and the strength of its people. We were effective in the operative and efficient in logistics, transporting cargo by the equivalent to 350 trucks and welcoming over eight thousand passengers per day during this period of contingency. In a country like ours it is essential to maintain this amphibious capability, i.e. ships larger multi-purpose, able to make military projection or humanitarian support, without relying on ports."

The name recalls the daring feat de el Almirante Lord Thomas Alexander Cochrane, upon presentation of the 03 of February of 1820, with just two ships, the Brig "Fearless" and the "Moctezuma" schooner, in the Bay of Corral, where disembarked 350 men under the command of the Artillerí­a Mayor de Marina don Guillermo Miller and capture on all the forts protecting the squareFinally taking possession of the city of Valdivia, the main stronghold of the Spanish Crown in Chile.

This type of unit represents, at the time of its construction, "more modern" design of amphibious units capable of beaching. The Newport class differs from the typical units type LST by the shape of her bow, which allows you to get an approximate walking 20 knots. Its ramp, which slides through the derrick (bow bridge), allows embarking and disembarking troops as different types of vehicles, which can be moved freely between the main deck on the cover inside the ship. Also has a ramp on its part of the stern, by which it is possible to embark and disembark amphibious vehicles, with the ship sailing.

The U.S. Navy built twenty units of this type, today's LST 93 "Valdivia" being the Ex-"USS San Bernardino" (LST-1189), , the eighth of its kind, built by the shipyard National Steel & Shipbuilding of San Diego EE.UU. Her keel was laid place on July 12, 1969 and was released on March 28, 1970 to water. On 27 March 1971 it was placed in service in the United States Navy. During the year 1972 participate in the final stage of the Viet Nam War; in 1980, she operates in the area of the Indian Ocean and in 1983 is assigned as port-based Sasebo, Japan, whence performs operations in Japan, Korea and the Philippines; in 1990 he takes part of the operation Desert Storm, to return again to the area of the Pacific, where serving in operations of peace and development in the region.

The Chilean flag was hoisted on September 30, 1995, in San Diego, California, later arriving at the port of Valparaiso on 01 of December of the same year. On June 29, 1996 the Ilustre Municipalidad de Valdivia made delivery of the battle flag at the port of Corral. On December 26 of the same year, the Bishop emeritus of Valparaiso, Jorge MEDINA Estévez S.E.R. donated his banner.



Ship List
Name # Port Laid
Launch Comm Decomm Notes
LST-93 Valdivia 1970 1995 2011 Ex-San Bernardino

Displacement, full8.775 tons
Displacement, light tons
GT (Gross Tonnage) tons
NT (Net Tonnage) tons
DWT (Deadweight) tons
Length, O/A meters / feet
Length, W/L meters / feet
Length, B/P174 meters / feet
Max Beam meters / feet
Draft6.1 meters / feet
Height meters / feet
Propulsion Type
Number of Main Engine(s)
Main Engine builder
Main Model
Main RPM
Main power 16,500 HP
Speed, maximum20.5 knots
Speed, Cruise Knots
Range nautical miles at knots
Stores endurance days
Weapons Systems
  • 10 machine guns in.50
  • 1 timely defense PHALANX system
  • Aviation 3 helicopters

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