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Turkmenistan - Training

During Soviet times the proportion of officers of Turkmen nationality was quite small. Now, thanks to the measures of the Ministry of defence (MOD) of Turkmenistan, this was brought to the level of 70-80%. Ashgabat established the Military Institute of the Ministry of defence of Turkmenistan. There were also intergovernmental agreements with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Pakistan for officer training. In addition, participation in NATO programs allowed Turkmenistan officers to go to the training centers of the Alliance members. Thus, in 1999-2000, as part of the American military instruction program (International Military Education and Training - IMET), the United States trained 13 Turkmen troops. The cost of preparation were approximately $317,000. During the internship, special attention was paid to the operative-tactical disciplines, courses of the artillery and engineer reconnaissance.

Ashgabat slowly developed a training infrastructure for Turkmen officers. At independence no military schools or officer academies existed in Turkmenistan. A 1993 agreement permits Turkmen officers to be trained in Russian military schools. That same year, however, the first Turkmen Military Institute, a 4-year program for armor, air force, logistics, and communications specialists, opened in Ashgabat. Border forces have been trained at the Nebit-Dag Training Center since September 1992.

The Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan was established on 1st of September, 1993. Military Institute has 14 departments. The Institute employs 2 Doctors of Philosophy and 10 candidates of science. 11 textbooks and 208 tutorials were prepared by the teachers of the institute. during the year 2008. The officers, teachers and students prepared 112 articles to publish on the press and made 112 speeches at scientific conferenes. Moreover, works like individual researches on different subject areas, translations of textbooks, preparing educational software’s aiming to help students with their self-study. The practical lessons for the students of Military institute are conducted by working with up-to-date computer technologies. The central library of Military institute is provided by the textbooks and literature books published nationwide as well as internationally.

A “hot” atmosphere reigns in Military Institute of the Ministry of Defense of Turkmenistan. The students of military school pass the winter examinations and take an active part in the solemn events devoted to the Day of Defenders of Fatherland and celebration of the 21st anniversary since foundation of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. In honor of significant double date of the national calendar, creative and sport actions, various contests are held in the Military Institute. As the practice shows, the emulative spirit is particularly inherent in student youth of this higher military school, which traditionally takes on the leadership, including in sport events and subject contests held between higher educational establishments.

According to the results of the sports contest between higher educational establishments, the students of the Military Institute won the second place of symbolic podium, having given the leading positions to worthy opponents – the students of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan. Creation in the higher educational institution of the groups of amateur, military band and hockey team “Watanchi”, which established good reputation in this new for our country “winter” sports, testifies about special attention to the development of creative and sport potential of the students. By 2013, nearly two thousand students, including the girls, master in the higher educational establishment the honorable profession – “Defend the Motherland”.

In autumn 2013, the Military Institute observed its 20th anniversary. Special page of the history of this higher school became the last academic year marked with solemn opening of the complex of new buildings of the Military Institute on the Day of Defenders of Fatherland. From January of 2012, the studies of students of the higher military school started in renewed modern township of the Institute fitted with up-to-date systems of teaching and specialized military training. New Specialized Military School - the third one created at the Military Institute is located close by the Institute buildings. By 2013, over 200 future defenders of the Fatherland were learning the basics of military studies. In all, nearly 900 boys, had chosen after seven years of their training in comprehensive secondary schools one of manly professions - the military, study in three such schools. Two of them are located in the administrative centers of Dashoguz and Mary provinces.

Besides this higher educational establishment of the country, the Naval Institute, Frontier Institute, Police Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan also implement the mission on training of highly-qualified military staff. These higher educational establishments are key centers for training of professional staff for military structures of our Motherland.

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